Friday, April 2, 2010

University Vice Chancellors appreciate Snehalaya's work (Jan 2006)

Ahmednagar, Dt: 15/1/06

The Vice-Chancellors of the two Universities and the eminent social workers visited all the projects of the Snehalaya and manly appreciated the initiative of the college students in the various projects.  Snehalaya has presented a brief proposal on involvement of the college students in social change was also taken seriously by them.
            Dr. Ashok Kolaskar, the vice-chancellor of Pune University, his wife Dr. Rajlaxmi Kolaskar, Dr. Nagnath Kotapalley, the vice chancellor of Marathwada

University and his wife Dr. Vijaya Kotapalley, Father Francis De Brito well known social worker and thinker from Vasai, Mr. Narendra Chapalgaonkar, the Retired Justice of Mumbai high Court and noted writer, Advt. Mahabaleshwar Moraje (Mumbai), Dr. Sambhaji Pathare, and many other principals of the noted colleges have also visited Snehalaya.
 Father Derito said that the institutions like Snehalaya where the selfless service of humanity is going on are more sacred than any church, mosque or temple.  The involvement of the youths is possible to Snehalaya only because of the sacred motive and open mind to share the authority with them.
Dr. Kolaskar and Dr. Kotapallay assured that the model of Snehalay will be studied by their respective Universities and will try to replicate it in other institutions.  The guests also visited the Balbhavans of Snehalaya run in different slums.  The vice-chancellors have a cordial dialogue with the slum children and the children sang the songs of national pride.  All were going to schools and cautious about the future.  the V.Cs have commented whole heartedly on these experiments.  They even have a talk with the student volunteers and share about their experiences.  Our volunteers also delighted and motivated as the vice chancellors have appreciated them.

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