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Students of Snehalaya start an NGO for blind - Anam Prem (Jan 2006)

Ahmednagar Dt. 11/1/06

Padmabhushan Anna Hajare has has inaugurated 'Anam Prem' on 7th, Jan. This is the new non-governmental organisation founded by past students of Snehalaya and the volunteers presently working with Snehalaya. Snehalaya has shown them a proper way of life and provided adequate support to stand in life.  Now the past and volunteers wants to work in some new areas of child development and wants to repay the society who has supported them through Snehalaya.  Snehalaya Parivar welcomed the idea and extended its support. Many members of Snehalaya  parivar have suo-mottu taken the membership of Anam Prem.  Snehalaya is optimistic that the leadership qualities will be developed among the volunteers of Anam prem and the Mission of child welfare will be strengthen due to Anam Prem. Pujya Dadaji ( Mr. Subhash Desai)from Mumbai is organising unique children's meet at Mumbai every year.  Most of the founder members of Anam Prem are inspired by Pujya Dadaji and decided to give the name Anam Prem to their new organization.  Mr. Anna Hajare lighted the lamp as a symbol of inauguration.  He said Anam Prem will continue the tradition of selfless work of Snehalaya for the last lair of the society and he is also joining  Anam Prem as a volunteer.  It is very significant that the past inmates of the Snehalaya have  not became self centred and selfish but want to do many things for others by remembering their roots and past, Anna said.

Presently Anam Prem is running a small hostel for fifteen inmates who are the past students of the various shelter homes and wants to settle in life. The office and the hostel of Anam Prem is   in civil Hudco colony, Savedi Rd.  Ahmednagar.

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