Saturday, April 10, 2010

Snehalaya Pariwar, Inspired I.P.S. officer to continue her mission.

Ahmednagar, 10th April 2010

A trainee I.P.S officer Mrs. Jyoti Singh was honoured and awarded today by all the NGO from the Ahmednagar city & district and civil society members. Snehalaya has organized this event to boost the morale of honest, brave and dedicated police officers fighting against the fast growing criminal & anti national tendencies under political shelter.
Mrs. Jyoti, who was recently appointed in Ahmednagar, as a trainee I.P.S officer after completing her training from Police Academy has organized several raids in last 20 days. She has caught a racket producing the illegal liquor of all well-known brands and a factory of making local poisonous liquor costing more than 50 lacs. The factory is just 500 metres away from local Tophkhana police Station and in working since last 5 years in partnership with local corporators and politicians. Mrs. Singh raided several road side dhabas and brothels where the women and girls were used for the flesh trade. According to an appeal of the N.G.O’s and Snehalaya, she has agreed to apply I.T.P.A Act (Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act. 1986) against the brothel and dhaba owners, pimps and traffickers than the sections 111, 117 etc. of the conventional Mumbai police Act. Use of Mumbai Police Act creats the  unnecessary harassment in the victim women in prostitution while I.T.P.A attacks on actual criminals of the flesh trade. As the flesh trade is totally criminalized and got the political shelter, Many political leaders and even the agents of these criminal gangs in the police dept. have started creating conspiracies against Mrs. Jyoti Singh. The criminal gangs  are also trying for her transfer. 
      Mrs. Sing was offered a scroll by Mr.Makrnd Kher,  well known  social worker, convener of  Sanskar Barthi. Adv. Shyam Asawa,  right  hand of Anna Hajare said that Mrs. Sing is following the path of honest Police officers of late Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamthe, Vishwas Nangare , Arvind Inamder, etc. There is a drought  of honesty in the police dept. Hence  it is important to support even a small act of honesty.             
Snehalaya appealed the civil society of Ahmednagar to sign a support document supporting Mrs Singh and warning to come on street against the nexus criminals , politicians and some of the corrupt police officers. 10,000 civil society members (including padmabhushan Anna Hajare, Prinicipal Dr. Anil Sahastrabuddhe, Mr.Popat Pawar- Chairman of Ideal village committee of the stated etc) and eminent personalities have signed the support document. 
Mrs. Jyoti said that “what she is doing is only a part of her duty. I have joined the police dept. with a sacred motivation. I will continue my task as it is my life mission and service to my own motherland saving the future of our future generation,”. Mrs. Singh further said while replying to her felicitation. She has also added that this appreciation has boosted her morale.

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  1. hey there is lott of lott of need of such a greatt lady and a dashing woman for our India,i am really proud of jyoti singh mam,hatss of to you mammmm!