Friday, April 2, 2010

Deepali gets her vision back (Nov 2008)

November 22, 2008

The left eye of Deepali Anil Wadagale (14yrs) living in Borkarnagar slum of Ahmednagar was badly injured while cutting the fire wood.  The bunch of thorns dashed against her left eye and it started bleeding.   She immediately taken to the Balbhavan for first aid, the Medical officer of Borkarnagar Balbhavan advised to take her to Dr. Pacharne Eye Hospital.  The teachers of Borkarnagar Balbhavan immediately rushed to Dr. Pacharne Hospital along with Deepali and admitted her.  Dr. Pacharne told that the wound is quit deep and should be operated within 24 hours otherwise she will loose her eye forever.

The cost of the operation will be Rs. 25,000.  Deepali's father is no more she has 5 sisters, her mother is the only earning person in her family.  She is unable to pay such a huge amount.

Snehalaya's Balbhavan and Childline started to colleted the fund.   400 children in slums collected their pocket money of Rs. 2758/- and some like minded people contributed for the operation as well.  Total contribution was Rs. 10,000/-.  Childline deposited the amount and Dr. Pacharne operated successfully.

The team is engaged in colleting the rest of the amount.

Deepali is so happy, because she has got vision back.  Her mother thanked Snehalaya team.  

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