Friday, April 2, 2010

Snehalaya pays homage to Baba Amte (Feb 2008)


Date: 10th, Feb. 08

Snehalaya Parivar paid homage to Pujya Mahamanav Baba Amte today in a condolence gathering in Snehalaya’s shelter home.  Snehalaya’s volunteers took the Darshan of Baba through the glass on 13th and 14th Jan. 2008, when Snehalaya was awarded by Mahamanav Baba Amte Manavata Award at Dnyanda Hostel in front of Anandwana at Warora.

The first batch of the Volunteers of Snehalaya has attended to ‘Shram Sanskar Chhavani’ at Somnath 19 years ago. Since then Pujya Baba was worshiped and practiced by the youth group.
Pujya Baba inspired Snehalaya’s zealous volunteers to accept the challenges in the red light areas and slums.  Baba, since last 18 years remained an idol for Snehalaya Parivar.  Pujya Baba will be with us forever in form of his incredible creations like Anandwana, Somnath, Ashokwana etc., inspiration he gave to many like us and his inspiring literature and poems.  We feel ourselves fortunate as we have received Ashirwad by Pujya Baba.

Many like Gorkshanath Vetal (who was with Baba in both the Bhart Jodo Movements), Dr. Girish Kulkarni, Anil Kudiya, Suvalalji Shingavi, Milind Kulkarni remembered Baba’s contribution in a condolence meeting.  An exhibition of various news items, editorials, photographs published in various newspapers on Pujya Baba was created by volunteers and plan is to visit colleges and schools in the district with the exhibition and the C.D. on Baba and Anandwana.

Baba Amte Amar Rahe!!

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