Saturday, April 3, 2010

A son helps her mother give up prostitution (Dec 2009)

Chanda was in prostitution from last 12 years. She was operating by Miss. kamalbai brothel keepers. She has to borrowed money from Kamalbai at the rate of interest rupees 20% per day. It was very difficult to get free from the loan burden taken because of the huge rate of interest. When the first Self Help Grop Roshn Mahila Bachat Gat was formed. And our field officer Miss Sangeeta Shelar (former sex worker) insisted her to register her name in this self-help group. Chanda registered her name in this SHG. The SHG is a members in Roshan Mahila Bachat gat. The members of the Roshan Mahila Bachat Gat started collecting Rs. 100 per month, after few months, The SHG started a purposeful money-lending process to help women get out their debt trap. Mrs. Chanda was let Rs. 4000 for the SHG and established a small ice-cream shopee for her son Sachin. Sachin started this business by the contribution of his mother and was earning Rs. 350 per day.
In very few days, he returned the money Rs. 4000 to Roshan Mahila Bachat Gat through his mother. Now Sachin has expanded his business. He insisted his mother Chanda to leave prostitution. Chanda is working with Snehalaya as a help worker and has totally given up prostitution. Sachin is very happy to be
with his mother in his own house.

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