Friday, April 2, 2010

The Lions club offers support for Snehalaya (Dec 2007)

Ahmednagar  Date : 22/12/2007

“The increasing no. investors, urban malls, multi-storied buildings, four wheelers, mobile and air travel services, fashion shows, various channels on electronic media and economic growth never represents the real picture of India.  The fast growing urban slums and suiciding farmers and landless laborers, untreated HIV positives children, child laborers and children in flesh trade is real inside story of so called glowing India.  In these circumstances, working for the grass roots is a real and only process of nation building”, told Lion K.V.R. Unni (the District Governor of Lions India Organization for the state of Karnataka and Maharastra) here today.  

Ahmednagar chapter of Lions India Organisation has decided to construct and donate ‘Lions India Auditorium’ in Rehabilitation centre of Snehalaya.  The total cost of the project is about Rs. 11 lacs.  Lions India has raised Rs. five lacks while Snehalaya is reising remaining Rs. 6 lacks.  Mr. Unni has laid the foundation stone of the Auditorium project.  Lion Popatlal Bora has presided the function.

Mr. Unni said that Lions India is not amatures evening club.  But a network of sensible families who actually wants to contribute in a process of development of grass roots of our society.  The organization has joined hands with Snehalaya as we find a same mission and vision in this institution.  Mr. Unni has visited some of the projects of Snehalaya also in slums and red light areas.  He has declaired a donation Rs. 2 lacks to Snehalaya.  Mr. Milind Kulkarni offered vote of thanks on behalf of Snehalaya.  

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