Monday, December 31, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snehalaya Held a Candlelight Vigil & March for Delhi Gang-rape Victim

Ahmednagar (30th Dec.)
Snehalaya held a candlelight vigil & a march here demanding justice for the 23-year-old gang-rape victim who passed away yesterday. Snehalaya's girls, women, activists, along with villagers of Nimblak held the joint march at Nimblak Village Dist. Ahmednagar.  Snehalaya observed silence to mark the death of the young woman and later demanded stringent punishment for the accused.

Snehalaya called for firm & strict action so that such an incident is not repeated in the future. The march started from Gram Panchayat of village Nimblak and proceeded at the same after the whole round of village.

In a condolence message, Anil Gawade, Asst. Secretory of Snehalaya said it’s a wake-up call; she may be our sister or mother if we remain silent after such heinous incidents. Mr. Vilasrao Lamkhede, Sarpanch of village Nimblak said the death of the young woman should prompt the framing of new and strong laws. He also demanded death penalty for the accused, otherwise common people will do it.

All the people observed a two-minute silence in memory of the departed soul and formed a human chain. At the end, 'An oath' was given to present members to avoid such incidents in future & fight with them if it happens again.

Hundreds of local villagers joined the candlelight vigil at village Nimblak to pay tribute to the gang-rape victim. Let’s take a pledge to channelise these emotions and energies into a constructive course of action for a better future.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Ahmednagar 24:

The hundreds of young men & women of Ahmednagar were on streets since last 3 days . They were demanding strict action &  speedy justice in the case of the heinous crime against the 23-year-old girl who was gang-raped and brutally assaulted on a moving bus 9 days ago in Delhi. 

Sensitive young men & women protesting against gang rape on 23 year old girl at Delhi

Today, the demonstrations were organized at District Collector office at 11am. More than 300 protesters raised anti-government & anti-police slogans and demanded capital punishment for perpetrators of such heinous crimes. They also prayed for the victim who is on ventilator & battling for her life at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.

" We just want the culprits hanged. The punishment should be so severe that it sets an example," said Monika Madhyan, a B.Com student. 

" The culprits have acted in a manner which make them unfit for human society, and they shouldn't be shown any mercy," said senior activist  Adv.Anjali Sarode.

The protesters were associated with Snehalaya, Aadhar group, Ahmednagar  College & other institutions. All are associated with NGO Mahasangh. This network is inspired from Anna Hazare. The protesters had also condemned Delhi police & Govt.of India for their wrong action on peaceful young protesters at India Gate in Delhi yesterday.

All over the world it is the young who are the harbingers of change.  50% of India is under 25 years of age. "Don't let energy dissipate; save our mothers, sisters & fight against violence," said Dr. Prajkta Kulkarni, Volunteer of Snehalaya. Adv.Shyam Asawa from NGO Mahasangh alleged that the government was not doing much to curb such crimes, which was also reflected in the low rate of conviction in rape cases.     

The agitators have submitted the memorandum  to  the additional district collector raising the serious issues of women's protection.  They have  demanded increase of patrolling and deployment of police, including female police employees  in public places in Ahmednagar district, hang out law to the accused, fast-track courts to deal with rape cases, increased sensitization and effective investigation & accountability of the police in dealing with heinous crimes against women.

Yesterday, on 23rd December 2012, a massive  Mute March was organized at Savedi area of Ahmednagar. A pledge was given to people at the end for strengthening the commitment to  support to a woman with courage.

On 22nd December 2012, a Candlelight March also received tremendous response by the various social sections of the society.

We also have received a few serious complaints of atrocities on women during the agitations. Also we met a few committed volunteers during these agitations. 

Kind Regards,
Sandip Kusalkar,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vocational Training Center Inauguration Programme

Shrirampur, (18th Dec. 2012)

Snehalaya has taken another one step ahead for changing the lives of women in prostitution.
Recently Snehalaya’s Snehjyot project inaugurated a vocational training centre for women who want to quit the prostitute line in Shrirampur city red-light area.  The program is jointly conducted by Snehalaya and Zilha Parishad, Ahmednagar. The main object behind starting the centre is rehabilitation of women.  The vocational training center is offering a vocational course of tailoring through this centre. 

During the inauguration ceremony, honorable guests were presented and many women from the flesh trade participated in the same. Project Snehjyot play a key role in organizing this programme. We hope this centre will be a ray of light for women wanting to leave the flesh trade.   

IT Center Has Conducted Free Entry Seminar on “2D Animation” and “Accounting Software Tally ERP 9.0”

Snehalaya’s Center of Hope is now becoming a well-known IT institute in Nagar city. It provides computer courses not only at basic level but also professional level. The IT center provides some popular and demanded courses with quality education to children in slums and poor children. The center also tries to influence students by offering various programmes and seminars.

Recently on 17th & 19th Dec. 2012, the IT center had conducted a free entry seminar on “2D Animation” and “Accounting Software Tally ERP 9.0” at Center of Hope, Ahmednagar. Mr. Anant Takpirev had conducted the seminar on 2D animation. He explained what animation is and what exactly the use of it is in current phenomenon.  He also cleared different doubts in the minds of participants.  50 persons participated in this seminar.  Mr. Sanjay Pawar had conducted the seminar on Tally Package 9.0.  Mr. Pawar had given information related to accounting practices to the participants.  He included various terms of accounting in practice as well in Tally software like VAT, taxation, depreciation, profit & loss account, balance sheet statement and various statute information related to accounting. 30 persons were present for this lecture. Nowadays, knowledge of computerized accounting is essential for an accountant.          

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snehalaya Celebrated AIDS Week 1st - 7th December

Snehalaya has organized various activities and programmes for awareness of HIV /AIDS in the community. Since last two decades Snehalaya has dedicatedly and constantly worked for medical treatment, rehabilitation and awareness within society for HIV positive women and children.

Recently, various awareness activities and programmes were organized by Snehalaya on the occasion of International AIDS Day, and activities were conducted from 1st to 7th Dec. 2012.

On 1st December, Snehalaya conducted an awareness rally with joint support from District government hospital.  At 4 pm, a workshop was arranged on “People Living HIV Positive” by AIDS Control Room for HIV positive people.

On 3rd December, a get-together programme was organized in Snehalaya’s Himmatgram project at Isalak village for HIV positive people.

On 4th December, a candlelight march was organized at evening in the city in memory of those lost in the past year due to AIDS.

On 5th December, there was a specially-designed quiz contest for youths and collegians named as “ AIDS Vishayee Chalta Bolta.”  Many youths had participated in this contest.

On 7th December, an exhibition of HIV and AIDS-themed posters by Arts And Crafts College was conducted. Prizes were distributed to contest winners, and in this way the AIDS week came to an end.   

Project Snehjyot FSW, Snehjyot MSM, Community Care Center and Himmatgram had taken initiative for creating a successful AIDS week.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

World AIDS Day

"SNEHALAYA Organizes Programs on Event of World AIDS Week "

Snehalaya has organized various awareness programs and a social get-together during the week of 1st to 7th December, 2012, on event of World AIDS Week.

Snehalaya has been working for HIV-affected women and children for the last 25 years, which has included creating awareness, providing medical assistance & providing shelter.

On 1st December, 2012, Snehalya & Government District Hospital have organized jointly "Awareness Rally" beginning at 8:30am.  Also in evening at 4pm, District Officer Shri Shivaji Jadhav's will be addressing all on the subject "Living with HIV"at Snehalaya Sankul, MIDC, Ahmednagar.

On 3rd December, 2012 , a social get-together for the HIV-affected community will be organized at Snehalya's Islak -Himmatgram project

On 4th December, 2012 , a candlelight march is being organized in the evening, 6:30pm at Ahmednagar city, in memory of those who have died because of HIV/AIDS.

On 5th December, 2012, a special program and question-answer session is being organized for youth (including college-going students in Ahmednagar) entitled "Communicate to Know HIV/AIDS." 

On 7th December, 2012, youth from Arts & Handicrafts College will arrange a poster exhibition at Snehalaya to create awareness for the society.

All are invited to participate the programs under World AIDS Week.  Please contact Mr.Vaijanath ( M: +91 90110 26488 ) / Mr.Praveen ( M: +91 90110 26485 )

Monday, November 26, 2012

Snehalaya’s Snehjyot MSM Project Organizes a Get-together Program - “Sneh Melava”

Ahmednagar, 25th Nov. 2012

Recently Snehalaya’s Snehjyot MSM project had organized a get-together program entitled “Sneh Melava.”   The program was held on 25th November at Shevgaon Drop-In Center (DIC), Ahmednagar.  Project Snehjyot MSM is now working with 800 clients who belong to the Men Sex with Men community.  HIV prevention is a main objective of this project and it also undertakes activity programming for creating awareness of it within the community.

On the occasion of Diwali festival day’s programme Sneh Melava was conducted. The main objective of this programme was to motivate and further the work of Tehsil committee and design the next action plan. Team Snehjyot MSM had guided and answered questions from present members of the community.