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Snehalaya Organizes National Children's festival (Dec 2005)

Ahmednagar Dt. 25/12/05

Snehalaya, along with the National youth Project  has organised, a national level event of Fifth National  Children's Festival from 28th, December to 2nd, Jan. 2006. The Festival  will be inaugurated by Mr. S.M.Krishna, the Hon. Governor of Maharashtra at 11 am. on 29th, December. The festival pendal is named  after late Prof. Madhu Dandawate,  the former Finance Minister of India and the honest politician born and brought up at Ahmednagar, who recently died. All the volunteers of Snehalaya are Day and night working under the able guidance of Dr. S.N. Subba Rao allies Bhaiji, the living spirit of Mahatma Gandhi.  

More than 800 Young boys and girls aged 8 to 12 from all corners of India will be our guests for 5-6 days.  Children from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh also will join them.  It is historic occasion for Ahmedagar and so, we invite every citizen of the town, all the well wishers of the Snehalaya like you and all the young, old, men, women and children to contribute your moral and material support to make this event a grand success.

Every group of five children will be escorted by an elder.  Children will each stay with a child at his/her home while the escorts will stay in the camp.
The children will be at the Festival Spot from 8.00 am. to 6.30 pm. parents and elders are welcome to join their programmes after 4.30 pm. During the day, however the children will be free to choose their own activity in the festival and at that time, please allow them COMPLETE FREEDOM, freedom from parents, freedom from teachers and elders you will see the best in children comes up.
Elders are most welcome to join after 4.30 pm.
The festival starts with flag salutation at 8.30 am. each day and conclude with all religions prayers.
You are cordially invited for the National Children's Festival along with your children.  Snehalaya shall make the arrangements of your five days stay at the Ahmednagar

The new police chief assures support to Snehalaya (Dec 2005)

Ahmednagar 17/12/2005

      Mr. Sunil B. Ramanand, the newly appointed district police chief visited to Snehalaya today. He spent about two hours with the trustee's & Volunteer's of the Snehalaya
(6 P.M. to 8 P.M.)Snehalaya raised all the sensitive issues in the meeting & tried its level best to convince Mr. Ramanand to the views of Snehalaya. Mr. Madhusudhan Vinayak allies Mama Kuandinya, a well known social worker & educational thinker preceded  this meeting
Dr. Girish Kulkarni welcomed Mr. Ramanand and explained Snehalaya's major problems related to police department. Snehalaya wants that
1.    The police should immediately act whenever there is a compliant of trafficking & use of minor in the flesh trade.
2.Snehalaya wants that the unit of J.A.P.U. ( Juvenile Aid Protection Unite) should be set up in the Ahmednagar district immediately according to the Juvenile  Justice (Care & Protection)Act–2000. It will help the children in distress in Ahmednagar district as the special Police force will be available for the issues related to the children.  It was a  long pending demand of the Snehalaya since year 2002. presently the unite is available only in Mumbai, Nagpur, and Nashik.  A progressive law proves useless without honest implementation.  
3. Police should not misuse the provisions of the Mumbai  
   police Act (clauses 110, 111, 117, 118, etc) against the 
   victim women in prostitution. Police usually files the fraud cases against the victim women for so called soliciting at public places. A specific quota was given to every police station and every police station is bound to submit the monthly data of the number of cases under the Mumbai Police Act.  Many times ( according to survey in Ahmednagar District  82 percent) the prostitutes have to face the fake cases and it has became one of the major reasons of involving in the vicious circle of debt and prostitution against the own will.           
2.    Police should use I.P.T.A.(the immoral trafficking prevention Act)1986, the S.C.S.T. Atrocities Act ( in case of victim belongs to schedule cast and scheduled tribes) against pimps, brothel keepers, hotel – lodges – dhaba owners, in the specific cases of trafficking without any usual reasoning. Usually lower Police administration denies to use these acts as the procedures are lengthy and it needs the police officer not below the rank of Dy. S.P. Hence many times Police just apply Mumbai Police act which helps the criminals. In the past few cases it was done purposely to protect the brothel barons   
3.    The Police Chief should do the review of the cases related to women and children of the last two years raised by the Snehalaya. It will show the graph of the police practice against the related laws.  
4.    The police chief should spare some of his time to Snehalaya of the district level monthly crime meeting for the sensitization on several child & women related issues, Aids and trafficking.  
In the reply, Mr. Ramanand said that he is fully agreed to a view that the fundamental & human rights of the victim women as well as the U.N. proposed  concept of child rights accepted by the Govt of India in 1995. He was working in some of the European countries for two years on deputation. There he has handled these issues with the modern humanitarian approaches quoting some of the experiences in Europe, Mr. Ramanand assured that the rights of the deprived people will be protected with priority in his tenure. He also assured that he is ever available for the institutions like Snehalaya. Mr. Ramanand said that he is more interested in convictions than the preventive actions against the criminals in the cases related to women and children.  The major problem which police department is of availability of the honest witnesses. Many sensible gentlemen helps to victims but, denies to work as a witness.  Police inevitably has to engage the professional and dishonest witnesses which ultimately results into acquittal of the criminals. Snehalaya assured Mr. Ramanand that the volunteers of Sneyhalaya will be ever available to Police department in the cases ralated to atrocities of children and women.  Snehalaya also given the references from 1996 of providing honest witnesses and sometimes the guaranters where victim was treated as an offender. 
    Snehalaya is not only running a shelter homes but actively works for the rights of the children and the women.  Hence sometimes the relations with police becomes sour as we even raise the voice against the injustice by the police. But we know the importance of the harmonious relations with police in our work. Snehalay, after the dialogue with Mr. Ramanand  is now expecting more co-operation of the police dept. Mr. Suvalal Shingavi, Dr. Marciya Waran, Mr. Ambadas Chavan, Latabai Pawar, Geetabai More, Malanbai, & other members of the Snehalaya raised questions about the behavior of the police dept. & also gave the suggestions to minimize the tensions Manjiri Tambe offered the vote of thanks.

Anohter daughter of Snehalaya get married (Dec 2005)

Ahmednagar 6/12/05

Miss. Rani Jayabai More ( 22), a student of Snehalaya got married today with Mr. Bijay Dayand Brahmane ( 25) all the Snehalaya volunteers and people from various walks of life have attended the mariage ceremony at Baneshwar Temble at, three Kms. away from here. Rani was borne at Chitra galli.  Snehalaya convinced Jayabai not to keep the daughter in the red light area along with her Rani was sent to the institutions of Late Vijayatai Lawate at Pune when she was three years old later Rani was shifted  in Snehalaya and took the education till ninth Std. After attempting the tenth Rani was counseled to learn the cooking, nurse aid service and the domestic work since last four years Rani has became a part of the work of Snehalaya and staying at the rehabilitation center at Nimbalak.  According to the will of Jayabai and Rani too Snehalaya searched a groom Bijay for her Bijay was a past students of Snehalaya and nowadays working as a salesman at the Bus stand his earning about 2500 per month fortunately having no addiction of any thing till today.  Snehalaya organized a marriage in a very simple way a grateful Jayabai donated the books of Rs. 1000/- for the library in slums.

Snehalaya helps release of wrongly charged women prisioners (Nov 2005)

Ahmednagar :  Dt. 22/11/05

Snehalaya volunteers became the guarantors for the victims women caught by Police under the Mumbai Police Act(clauses 110,117).

It is a usual wrong practice of the police to hold the victim women ( Prostitutes ) at mid night from their houses and file a fake case under the above mentioned Bombay Police act. The act bans the soliciting at public places to the women. But Police pick up the women when they were in their houses with their children, Snehalaya has decided to protest this custom by challenging the injustice.  Snehalaya volunteers have given the guarantee of eight women yesterday ( Dt. 22/11/05) and the women told the reality to the Judge.  Usually prostitutes, though the reality is different, accepts the charge of soliciting on public places and pay the fine up to Rs. 1500.  They also have to pay bribe to police and mediators up to  Rs.1000.
Ultimately they caught by private money lenders, the brothel keepers, the hotel and Dhaba owners for the further exploitation, Snehalaya fought such type of injustice for more that 16 times in last eight years.  But now the time has come to restart the fight, the application has also given to the police chief, requesting the legal action aginst the brothel keepers, Dhaba and Hotel owners, pimps under the ITPA ( Immoral trafficking prevention Act 1986) as they are doing a serious crime by running the brothel and exploiting the women and children rather than the victim women.  In previous protest, Snehalaya won the cases as police could not prove charges they have mentioned in the charge sheet under the Mumbai Police act.  This time the history will repeat.

Child rights sensitization programme for 62 NGOs (Nov 2005)

Snehalaya has played a key role of the host, while arranging a sensitization workshop for the NGOs in Ahmedagnar district, about the various laws related to the children. The workshop was organised on 15 and 16 Nov. the district Collector Mr. Umakant Dangat, Mrs. Prajakta Lawangare, the chief executive officer of Z.P., Mr. R.S. Gimekar the chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr. P.K. Gore, the district women and child development officer, were present at the inaugural session.  The expert resource persons have given guidance on :
1.    The Juvenile justice( care and protection) act 2000.
2.    The Hindu adoption Act 1956
3.    The immoral trafficking prevention Act 1986.
4.    Mumbai Child beggars prohibition act 1959.
5.    Laws related with orphanages and trust 1960.
6.    Child marriage prohibition act1929.
7.    Dowry Act 1961.
The 180 representatives of more than 62 NGOs were present at the workshop.  They have shown satisfaction that for the first time they were sensitized on the very important subject.  The Ahmednagar CHILDLINE, run by Snehalaya distributed the literature about the child rights and child protection to all the NGOs.  The CDs regarding the child rights were also distributed to them.

Stiching Geron visits Snehalaya (Nov 2005)

Ahmedangar, Date: 4/11/05
The three guests from the Netherlands visited various projects of Snehalaya mainly in red light areas and the slums in district.   They appreciated the involvement of youth volunteers in a huge numbers in all the activities.
Dr. Annekoos, Mr. Bastiaan, and Mr. Taco were the representatives of the Stichting  Geron a trust founded by Dr. Nicolas Nobel, from the Netherlands who supports various NGOs in India ( specially working in red light areas in India) .
The Rotary club of Ahmedangar Midtown organised a get together with purpose at the Snehalaya rehabilitation centre, on third of Nov. the Programme was memorable becauise of the various cultural presentations ( songs and dances of the HIV Positive children.  The Rotary club after listening  the activities of the Snehalaya decided to involve in the activities in some of the new slum areas of Ahmedangar.  The guests also visited Snehalaya's new site about five k.m. away from the present rehabilitation project at Nimbalak.  All including the members of the Rotary club assured to support in new project specially design for HIV affected children and women in red light areas.

Snehalaya intervenes to stop obsence dancing in Rural fairs (Nov 2005)

Ahmedangar, Date : 4/11/05

A complain  has been given today to district Police chief for an obscene dances presently performing in rural areas in Ahmedangar District by Snehalaya.
Snehalaya received a complained on anonymous phone that, the obscene dances were presented in some of the rural areas by the dancing groups from Mumbai.  After a keen search it was found that, under the banner of Tamasha ( Rural traditional Marathi theater ), the group of five former dancing bar girls from Mumbai were performing the stage shows in the rural area.  The Snehalaya team visited one of the place at village Bodhegaon, Tehsil Shevgaon, 80 k.m. away from Ahmednagar.  In last week the dancing bar girls were presenting the dances like a dancing bars in Mumbai in obscene costumes,  the show is of only fifteen minutes ten and twenty rupees were the tickets for the three hindi songs on which dances were performed.  The sixty percent crowd was between the 18 to 25 and the scene was like a dance bars in Mumbai.  The girls told the representatives that they have returned from Mumbai after a ban imposed on the dancing bars by the state Govt.  They do not find any suitable option hence they have collaborated with a small Tamash Party and presenting the dances.   They also admitted that  the crowd of children below 18 years of age is attending the shows, but they have no control over the admission of their show.  Snehalaya demanded the District Police Chief to have the observation of all the moving Tamasha theaters usually  set up at the village annual fair site.

A freedom figher inspires 4000 youths and children (Oct 2005)

Ahmednagar : Date: 22/10/05

      Dr. S.N. Subbarao, a veteran freedom fighter, noted Gandhian and the founder of the National Youth Project spend almost three days in Ahmednagar district this  month.  Snehalaya organized all his programmes in the district, involving the like minded NGO's and the senior members of the N.Y.P. in the district.  The three days stay, the various programmes and interaction with youth created an inspiration among the youths from the district, the pride for the nation concern for the social change and believing in the practice rather than precept were the change even the prominent media of the region observed and coated this change among the youths.
     Dr. Subbarao ( Bhaiji) gave a green signal on 20th, September that he is coming to Ahmednagar district for three days.  Bhaiji was invited by us since a long time to interaction with youths in the district.  Bhaiji  ( age 80 yrs.) joined the freedom struggle in the very early age when Mahatma Gandhi launched a movement of ' Chhodo Bharat ' in 1942.  After receiving the degree in  law like his father, he has decided to serve the nation in 1945.  He has not involved in power politics as mere political power  can not change the present and future basic issues in front of Indian society.  This thought inspired Dr. Subbarao for  pure efforts of nation building. 
    Bhaiji convinced more than 700 dacoits  in Chambal Ghati and rehabilitated them in 1940.  He has taken thousands of youths camps all over the country and inspired more than  five lakh youths for the grass root social work.
He has also denied many awards as he thinks that,  the work of nation building has not yet ended.
Community Harmony
    Bhaiji addressed a huge youth rally along with other programmes in   Ahmednagar Council Hall. More than 600 hundreds youths of all cast and communities gathered to listen him.  Ahmednagar is badly known the  communal clashes since last two decides.  Pointing the backlog on economical and social fronts.  Bhaiji appealed the youths for taking the  initiative for communal harmony in historical city of Ahmeangar.  All the youths sing a group song ' Ek dulara , desh hamara'  along with Bhaiji.  The Mayer of the city Mr. Bhagawan Fulsaundar, the freedom fighters of the city offered a scroll of honor on behalf of the people of Ahmednagar and Municipal Corporation.
            Bhaiji honored Brother Alex Gonsalvis, the founder of Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra for his outstanding contribution in rural development.
The poet Mr. M.B. Chavan honored for his poems on Mahatma Gandhi and nation Building by Bhaiji.
              Bhaiji went to Snehalaya at the late evening and addressed all the senior citizens in the city.  Bhaiji appealed to spare the remaining life for support the activities initiated by the youths.
             On 4th, October Bhaiji inaugurated the district office of the N.Y.P. more than 100 volunteers gathered to listen him.  Bhaiji went to visit few veteran freedom fighters. Press conference was excellent as all the prominent media persons had attended it. In two hours press conference Bhaiji said there are role models available even today around you , the media should give proper expose to such role models and grass root works.  Media should not give the publicity to negative sensitive issues for the betterment of the society.  In the evening Bhaiji visited Bhingar camp the suburban of Ahmednagar, more than 2000 people gathered to listen him, the show of 'Bharat ki Santan'  presented by  Bhaiji, has received many once more with humble deny by Bhaiji.
              Bhaiji went to Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra to visit the rural development projects, more than 80 representatives of various NGO's in Ahmednagar district were present at the moment. Bhaiji planted a tree and gave the inspiring speech along with the song for the nation. 
             Bhaiji inaugurated the Balbhavan in Borkarnagar slum.  Snehalaya and Childline are jointly looking after the Balbhavan, where more than 200  children are benefited and satisfying their health and educational needs.  Bhaiji gave several balloons to slum children for playing also had a group song in the slum, for the first time the children were singing a song for the nation. 
              In Pemraj Sarada College Bhaiji  gave a memorable speech and pledge to 800 youths to serve the nation in their golden young age.  Bhaiji went Laltaki slum also to talk to children and youths there. 
              On fifth Bhaiji visited Vambori.  He addressed all the 1650 school children in Mahesh Munot High School.  All the villagers offered a scroll of honor to him in the premises of Gram Panchayat  Mr. Babasaheb Bhite the president of Ahmednagar Zilha Parishad and Gorakhbhai Vetal President National Youth Project Ahmednagar District. several other presented on the occasion.
              Bhaiji went to Delhi on fifth October, leaving behind the great inspiration for the youths in the district.

Snehalaya exposes milk adultration racket (Oct 2005)

Ahmednagar, Date: 6/10/05

Snehalaya's volunteers traced a huge racket of milk adulteration , this week.  Mr. Sachin Kale, the volunteer of Snehalaya launched the complaint in Tophkhana Police station, the F.I.R. registered on third October, and the criminals involved in this camp were arrested. 

Inaguration of 3rd Balbhavan by Dr Subba Rao (Oct 2005)

Dr. S.N. Subba Rao, the literal fredom fighter and Gandhian is coming to Ahmednagar District on 3rd, Octo. for his three days visit.  Snehalaya has organised  and coordinated all his programmes.  The youth convention is organized on third October at Municipal Council Hall.   Dr. Rao will have a dialogue with  the 300 youths attached to various humanitarian work of Snehalaya.  Dr. Rao will present the Sarvadharma Prarthana and the inmate of the Snehalaya will present the programme of Bharat Ki Santan.  Snehalaya has involved more than 20 NGO's working in various fields in this programme.  Father Alex Gonsalvis, the founder of Bosco Rural Development centre situated in Ahamednagar.  He has received this year's Indira Priyadarshani Award by the central Govt. for his work in rural development  Mr.  Alex will be awarded a scroll of honor by Dr. Rao in the function.  Dr. Rao has inspired lakhs of youths to serve the nation  selflessly in the past six decades.  He has taken hundreds of  youth camps in the areas where the communal riots  have created hatred among the communities.  Dr. Rao has created peace and trust  again in the society with the help of sensitized youths.  Ahmednagar is infamous for communal riots since last 20 years, hence the visit of Dr,. Rao will be help full in changing the mood of the city on 4th of October.  Dr. Rao will visit different educational institutions and the areas where the communal tension is the usual part of the life.  
On 5th, October, Dr. Rao will formally inaugurate Snehalaya's Balbhavan No. 3 at Borkar nagar slum neighboring to Pemraj Sarda  College.  There also he will address the youth convention.  The programme will be presided by Mr. Brijlalji Sarda, The chairman of Hind Seva Mandal.  We are expecting the involvement of some more zealous youths in our different programmes in red light areas and slums.

Mukund Nagar Youths and Students pledge for positive change (Sep 2005)

Ahmednagar : Dt. 9/9/05

The youths and students of Mukund nagar, the black listed area of Ahmednagar city ( for continuous communal riots, bloodshed crimes, murders and involvement of local juveniles in the major crimes ) have decided to change the image of this area and their adjoined future.
Today the Snehalaya Parivar has given the pledge in this regard to the gathered youths and the students.
Mukund nagar is locally known as ' Pakistan' as there is about ten thousand Muslim population situated there.  This is newly developed area since last  15 years on the north side of Ahmednagar city.  Mostly the Muslim families, below poverty line migrated there, from the expensive city area.  The roads are bad.  The electricity, water and civil systems are collapsed.  The worst thing is there is only one school, Padmashree Vikhe Vidyalaya, where only 360 students are admitted  till today.  It is not even the thirty percent admissions of the eligible students   There is huge upsenty of the students due to social problems, mentality and the poverty.  The illiterate parents are also ignoring their children's education.  There were four murders, six communal riots, several crimes, eight criminal incidents due to one sided love, seizing the stocks of country liquor and narcotics for more than ten times in last one and half year.  Most of the Hindu families and educated Muslim families too migrated from Mukund nagar because of these incidents.  The noted dons of Ahmednagar region stays in Mukund nagar and even Police are afraid of entering there without arms and a group.   

Snehalaya met Mr. S.K. Gadekar, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Sayyad Afzal, Asif Sultan, Dr. Rizwan Shaikh, Jahid Khan and other  members of the organization ' Movement for Peace and Justice' to discuss the condition of Mukund nagar.  Todays programme was the out come of the discussion and the long term planning of Snehalaya.

The Snehalaya volunteers Mr. Mahemud Nadaf. Jabbar Shaikh, Ashok Bargal, Mukesh Gandhe, Suvita Kodam, Ambadas Chavan, Girish Kulkarni talked to all the students and also with the youths gathered in Padmashri Vikhe School in 'Bal and Yuva Samvad' in different sessions and on different topics.  Even the speakers were the silent listeners when the students and the youths expressed their problems and the grievances.  this is a long term process to change the thinking and the social environment of Mukund nagar.  But the initiative has been taken today by the Snehalaya Pariwar  by arrenging the 'Bal and Yuva Samva' here.  The planning of sparing at least two hours on every Sunday was unanimously accepted.   Snehalaya will arrange different speakers on the subjects of the choices of the youths and mainly the students .     

Dr. Avachat teaches Origami to Snehalaya Students

Ahmednagr, Dt. 26/8/05

Dr. Ail Avachat, well known writer and the founder of Muktangan deadicion center at Pune visited Snehalaya on 24th August.  This was his fifth visit to Snehalaya.  Dr. Avachat spend a half day with children teaching them the art of Origami, the art of thread, handkerchief puppetry etc.  Dr. Dhananjay and Mrs. Kavita Kharwandikar are the noted singers.  They both accompanied Dr. Avachat.

A ray of hope in the life of Anita, rescued succesfully ( Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar Dt. 26/8/05,

A ray of hope emerged in the life of Anita (name changed ) when Snehalaya's 'Mukti Wahini'  rescued and protected her by combating the brothel keeper and his gunds on the evening of 23 August 2005.  The local police of Kotwali Police station yet not responed properly to the application of Anita and the Snehalaya.  The senior Police Officers were all busy in the Gram Panchayat elections. Hence the criminal brothel keeper and their gunds are  free till today.  Snehalaya has decided to raise the issue to NCW ( National Commission for women ), MSCW ( Maharashtra State Commission for Women ), NHRC (National Human Rights Commission ) through the network of NACSET (Network Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking ). 
Anita is the daughter of Beedi worker  from the backward community.  Her addict father, ill mother  and four starving younger brothers  and sisters forced her to beg on streets of Ahmednagar.  Ultimately  Anita left  her education when she was in sixth Std. and known as one of the brilliant students of the Municipal School No. 3.  Laxmibai Bhaurao Rathod, a notorious brothel keeper trapper her and forced her for prostitution when she was just 12 years old. Her parents beg Laxmibai for their daughter, but threatened to do the same with their other children by Laxmibai and ran away to Solapur for saving the life of other children.  They were illiterate and unfortunately could not reach to Police and any NGO at that time.  Helpless Anita tried to escape several times but unfortunately caught by the pimps of  Laxmibai.  For many days she has to starve for her crime of attempting to escape.  The more inhuman atrocities experienced by Anita in last seven years after each attempt of escape.  She was forced to stand naked in the square of the red light area.  A mirch powder was put in to her genitals by force.  Thrice she was beaten badly that her leg and hands were fractured.
Four years ago she was found HIV Positive when she was admitted to one of the trust hospital by the Snehalaya. 

 Snehalaya fought a long battle with Laxmibai,  her pimps and goons since last eleven years. Seven girls were rescued in the past from the possession of Laxmibai  by Snehalaya in 1999.  Laxmibai was behind the bars for two years for trafficking of minor for flesh trade under the ITPA.  Snehalaya persuaded for the order of Tadipar ( banning her to stay in and around Ahmednagar District.)  but the efforts were unsuccsseed  due to the support of political bigwigs and the criminals in illegal trades.  The order is pending till today.  Snehalaya also tried to rescue Anita for several times but few times Anita was very much threatened by Laxmibai.  Most of the times Police has shaked hands with Laxmibai  and the mission failed. 
On 23 August 2005 Anita reached to Snehalaya office in front of Chitra Talkies to save her life. She was  suffering from high temperature,  harpies, tuber-celosias and sexually transmitted diseases.  She has a fracture in her right hand and wounds on head.  Anita told Snehalaya volunteers that Laxmibai has forced her to attend the customers but her physical condition is unbearable.  Laxmibai started beating her for not attending the customers.  Anita requested Snehalaya to save her life.  Immediately Laxmibai along with her four goons reached to Snehalaya office and started abusing and beating Anita and Snehalaya worker too who were trying to protect Anita.  Snehalaya's volunteers telephoned Kotwali Police station immediately but as usual Police were busy in 'Bandobust'  Snehalaya's Muktiwahini members reached at the office, discussed the matter in two minutes and later unitedlly  reacted by the same way.  The scene changed when Muktiwahini team aggressively reacted and thrown away Laxmibai along with her goons, later The Muktiwahini team reached to Kotwali Police station at 6.30 pm. with Anita to register the complaint.  A return letter was given to Police sation to apply ITPA.  MCOCA and the atrocities act on Laxmibai and her goons.  The Police Inspector met us on 1 pm on 21 August. The NC ( non cognagible offence )was  registered against Laxmibai.  Lator the team met the Dy.S.P. Mr. Ramakant Jawale and others for the serious action. Every one said," wait. We are on Bundobust of Gram Panchayat elections and available only  after first September." The battle is going on.  Anita is in Snehalaya.  Quite happy. Getting the treatment all diseases.  Experiencing the liberty for the first time in her life.

Snehalaya Balbhavan Inagurated (Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar, Dt. 16/8/05

Snehalaya working in few major slums in the district on the education and health problems of the children.  Snehalaya  have newly developed a Balbhavan at Bharaskarnagar slum on the north of Ahmednagar city.  The newly renovated Balbhavan was formally inaugurated by Dr. Dhairyashil Shirole, well known senior pediatrician and writer, Mr. Samesh Kacholia, the honorary advisor of Snehalaya, Mr. Firoj Tambatkar, Mr. Nimeshbhai Shah, Mrs. Preeti N. Shah are present on the occasion.  The  appreciated thing is the involvement of slum children and college youths in the process of renovation the broken walls were corrected by the voluntary youths the painting work, the teen sheet work, settings, the three windows in the wall, all the workj is done by the voluntary youths only.  and no labour was appointed on commercial contract basis, the material used in renovation was also collected  by the youths members the Snehalaya Mitra Mandal  from the various donors of the city.  Volunteers are paying the attention regularly lime the precious  Sanjay nagar Balbhavan.  The plan of starting nursery school, library, reading room, a small clinic, self help groups are taking the shape slowly.
The national flag was hoisted in all the red-light areas and honored with national enthuse on the independence day several programme were organized in slum and red light area including the health camps children competition, Balmanch, more than 1000 children were participated in all the programme.     

Snehalaya President, Shingavi, recieves Samaj Ratna Award (Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar, Dt. 16/8/05
Mr. Suwalal Shingavi the president of Snehalaya received this years prestige's Samaj Ratna award on the  independence day by Oswal Jain Sangh, Ahmednagar district. The award include a memento and Rs. 5,000 only.  More than 1500 imminent persons were present on the occasion.  Shri Datta Prasad Chhajed the senior social worker from Pune felicitated  Mr. Shingavi.   Mr. Shingavi replied, that he is inspired by the original thoughts of Bhagavan Mahavir.   Bhagvan  Mahavir was the great humanitarian philosopher who said " TGA MANUSHYA JAI " ( all human beings are onbe)  Bhagavan Mahavir emphasized the selfless service to the last person of the society is the real practice of the religion.  Mr. Shingavi said the prostitutes, people living in slums, the H.I.V. affected women and children suffering by the crimes of others is the lair of the society, the social service to these people is a real worship of Bhagavan Mahavir.  Suwalalji also said that the team work, the awareness among the youth volunteers and the broad hearted donors have equally shouldered the various responsibility of Snehalaya.  He is accepting the awared on behalf of all the team.  Mr. Shingavi quoted.

Snehalaya inmate Jyoti married to an accounts officer (Aug 2005)

Snehalaya inmate Jyoti has married with Mr. Tushar Munot ( accountant in reputed company ) today.  jyoti came to Snehalaya in March 2002, she has taken admission in course of Nursing   ( A.N.M. )  from the reputed institute, K.B. Mhaske Memorial nursing institute of Ahmednagar.  Later she has served in a reputed hospital in Ahmednagar as a nurse, after getting the proposal by Munot family, receiving the report of their home enquiry
and free consent by Jyoti herself the marriage took place today in very simple way in the presence of local Snehalaya workers.

350 Youths Participated in Shram Sanskar Chhawani (Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar Dt. 4/8/05

More than 350 students from all the parts of district have participated in  Snehalaya for two days Shram Sanskar Chhawani.  The youths have dialogue with the eminent social workers for four hours every day and physical worked in watershed programme more than eight hours every day this sensitization has strengthen the Snehalaya's activities in red light areas , slums and among the youths also..  The Shram Sanskar Chhawani inspired many volunteers to work in different field for the social change and service to mankind. 

Padmabhushan Dr. Rajnikant Arole inaugurated the Shram Sanskar Chhawani he has received the Raman Magasese award in 1990 for his outstanding work in the field of rural hygiene, help and his concept of barefoot doctor Dr. Arole explained the Gandhian phylosophy in todays context and appealed youths to rebuilt the nation with hard work , honesty and dedication.   Mr. B.G. Shekhar, District Police Chief, Dr. Hemant Deshpande, Dr. Preeti Deshpande, Neharu Yuva Kendra's Co-ordinator Mr. Babasaheb Godase and other spoke on different issues including the problems,  population, education, health, terriorism, the importance of moral values etc.  Mr. Suresh Kankariya and Mr. Vijay Bhandari Social workers, poet from Pune, Mr. Tambe have talked with students in the evening of 30th July.  Prof. S.Z. Deshmukh ( The president of Patit Pawan Organization and Chartered Accountant ), Prof. R.G. Kolhe the Co-ordinator of N.S.S. of Pune University, Mr. Harumal Hiranandani of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch also have a dialogue with youths and inspired them, the Rangkarmi Pratishthan presented an one act play named " Sukh Watanari Manase "  which has enlighted the youths for positive attitude in life.

Sex workers donate to Mumbai Flood victims (Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar Dt. 4/8/05
                    The prostitutes of Ahmednagar have donated their one day earnings of 31st July 2005, for the flood victims in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, Rs. 2001 were contributed by the prostitutes of Bhagat galli and Mamte galli and handover to Mr. Umakant Dangat , the District Collector, Mrs. Lata Pawar and Mrs. Gita More the volunteers of Snehalaya assured Mr. Dangat to donate at least Rs. 15,000 within a week from all the Red light areas of Ahmednagar District.

The prostitute also requested to the District collector Mr. Damgat that they can go to any place in Maharashtra and Mumbai to help the flood victims with their own cost.  This was the first help from the society for the flood victims, expressing the unique compassion for our brothers and sisters, who are affected.  The Ahmednagar Merchant's Association also inspired by this contribution and immediately donated the food packs and more materials costing more than one and half lacks. The inspired college students of Pemraj Sarda College and New Arts, Commerce and Science College have colleted small contribution from their premises and donated for the chief Minister's relief fund, small candle lighted by the prostitutes, the most exploited, hatred, and neglected, lower class of our society has created the ray of hope and inspiration for the whole society.

                   Snehalaya works for protection of the prostitutes and offering them their fundamental rights according to the constitution of India.  At the same time Snehalaya feels that the feel of responsibility of  a true citizens and practice of fundamental duties is more impotent and essential part of the work.  Snehalaya gives the information and victim women have so moto and immediately contributed for the flood victims.  Previously the prostitutes also donated their one day earnings for Tsunami victims, Gujarat earthquake and communal riot, Kargil war victim, Orissa cyclone victims and Mumbai Bomb blast victims etc.   The most of the prostitutes are H.I.V. affected, and struggling for survival, even though their feeling to serve the humanity is unique, appreciable and practicable.

Vidhan parishad opposition leader Nitin Gadkari appraised about NGOs in Ahmadnagar (May 2005)

On 17th May 2005.  Snehalaya arranged the program  for sensitization of the N.G.O.s in Ahmednagar District in the association of Nagrik Kriti Manch, Chaitanya foundation and Snehalay.

The Chief guest of the function was Mr. Nitin Gadkari ( opposition leader of Vidhan Parishad, and well known social worker), Mr. Popatrao Pawar ( Sarpanch, village Hiware Bazar the ideal village in the nation) and Mr. Pravin Patkar ( Founder of Prerana, and well known Social worker in Mumbai )  230 representatives of various NGOs benefited by the discussion and all the representatives raised the questions and experiences with the government systems. Dr. Girish  Kulkarni focused on the issues of child rights and  child protection. He said that there are many  gaps in acts like childlabour prohibition and regulation act 1986 etc. He demanded about the strict implementation of the acts concern the children.

Medha Patkar addresses at Samwad Sabha (May 2005)

  On 14 May 2005. Snehalaya arranged speech of Mrs. Medha Patkar ( a well known social worker )  for the various NGOs. and citizens working on the issues of children. Mr. Mohan Mandhana was the chief guest of the program. Observation home, Yatimkhana, Balikashram, Nagarik Kriti Manch, Rashtra Seva Dal, Chaitanya Foundation, R.D.R.C.C. Snehalay and many more organizations were attended the meet, called 'Samwad  Sabha'.
About 550 people were attended the meet .  Dr. Girish Kulkarni ( Director ) welcomed Mr. Patkar and requested to guide.  All the institutions and people were concern to children and their various types of problems.

Mrs. Patkar focused on the 'migration' of the parents which ultimately creates the illiteracy, bad habits, poverty etc. Children are the future of India, She mentioned that, Maharashtra Govt. has decided to eliminate slums in Mumbai, that is the reason of about one lack children has thrown out the schools in slums in Mumbai. So she has decided to fight against the decision.  

Beginning of adoption center - Snehankur (March 2005)

Beginning of adoption center in Snehalaya

Dear Friends,
We are happy to inform you that our Snehalaya has started new activity of    ‘ADOPTION CENTRE’ and we seek your help in acquainting about it among your friends and relatives who are unable to have their own child, can now have it through our ‘ SNEHANKUR ADOPTION CENTRE’.
It is not only a generous act but also the couple adopting child can enjoy bliss of seeing the grow & providing an opportunity to act happy home to deprived child to blossom it “ Like a tree every child has right to grow & branch out” and we are only an instrument to provide it.
Hope, you all will cordially help in this task also as you have been extending your cooperation always to Snehalaya