Monday, May 28, 2012


Balbhavan children are enjoying the summer vacations. Children gets some fun by playing games, watching movies, enjoyed trips and  learning computer. Hundreds of children joined the event of “KARU  YA  DHAMAL SUTTI  CHI.” This vocational camp is a great success.  In total, eight Balbhavans have taken part in this program and more than 45 staff and volunteers are involved in the camp.

In this program Sahara Balbhavan Sanjaynagar, Khushi Balbhavan Mukundnagar, Unnati Balbhavan Siddharthnagar, Kalpak Balbhavan Serjapura, Parees Balbhavan Ramwadi, Kshitij Balbhavan Ramwadi, Oorja Balbhavan Bhingar and Utkarsh Balbhavan Laltaki Ahmednagar had taken part with their Balbhavan children for six hours daily.

During the camp, children are taught how to keep their area clean, they take prayers of Balbhavan (i.e. “Ittne shakti ha me dena na data”), thought of the day, reading the newspapers, reading of Indian Pledge, exercise of Yoga, reading of Dyaneshwar Pasayadan.  Manache Sholak of Ramdas Swami and various doctors, lawyers and psychologists attended the program and delivered their speeches on their respective fields and their successful stories of their lives - Dr. Suchit Tamboli, Dr. Anshu Mule and Gandhe sir. The guests described the activities of showing children their favorite movies, telling them successful moral stories, telling them to do one act play & group discussion, telling them to dance and sing, taking competition of various indoor games (i.e. drawing competition, hand-writing competition, Rangoli competition, and swimming) and outdoor games (i.e. cricket, volleyball, Kho-Kho, musical chairs, kabbadi, badminton, chess). All these activities are continuously run in all Balbhavans. This entire program is run with the aim of developing confidence in children.  Children are also performing a street play for de-addiction and for saving the girl child.

Cleanliness in slum:
As we know, slums are not always clean and if we tell the slum residents to clean it they will not even take the effort to clean their house - So how will they clean the slum area?! So the children are taking the initiatives to clean the slum and give example to the slum area people that we can clean the house and slum. On the very first day one of the untidy houses was selected and cleaning begun in the house so the woman was very sorry to see that so she started cleaning her house.  Due to this reason all the women of the slum houses started cleaning because they were afraid that if their house was untidy, Balbhavan children would come and start cleaning it.

Children were taken to Mula dam to view the dam and it was explained that our drinking water comes from this dam. So as they were made to sit in the train and sent to shirdi for darshan, Sai Sanstan gave children VIP treatment.  Children went for darshan from the VIP gate. This was a very happy moment in the life of these children. Children enjoyed the water park, as well. Children are now busy in preparing their skits, speeches and songs which are to be starting on Radio Nagar 90.4 from 22nd of May 2012 to 30th of May 2012.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Success of Snehalaya Students in 12th Standard Board Examinations

25 May, 2012
Today HSC board examination results were declared.

Two students of Snehalaya completed their 12th standard board examinations successfully. Each of them have come from very challenging backgrounds and have achieved success against all odds by their sheer determination and hard work.

Marks obtained: 364/600 (62%)
Madhuri Mundlik was admitted in Snehlaya in 2010. She is HIV+ and has no father and mother. She reached us from CWC office, Ahmednagar. Madhuri was studying in 12th (Arts) standard in Shree Samarth Vidyamandir School, Savedi, Ahmednagar in academic year 2011-12.  Madhuri wants to do Nursing course and is also interested in learning computer.

Marks obtained: 284/600 (47%)
Parshuram Chavan has been with us since last 15 years. He is an orphan child. Parshuram Chavan was studying in 12th (Arts) in Sun Pharma Secondary and higher Secondary School, Nagapur, Ahmednagar.  Parshuram would like to join the Army now.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Appeal for Humanity

Dear Sir/ Mam,

Greetings From Snehalaya Family!

You may have seen the “Satyamev Jayate” programme by Amir Khan on 6th May, 2012. Amir has sensitized the entire nation about the issue of female infanticide. 

Amir has appealed to contribute to  Snehalaya as we have been fighting this battle since last 23 years consistently and dynamically. Snehalaya is basically a people’s movement working with the strong and wide network of volunteers and small donors.  We want you to become a part of Snehalaya family for the mission against female infanticide.

Though this issue is quite complex, deeply-rooted in the mindset of our society, but the NGO’s like Snehalaya find the solutions and inspire others to practice the same. 

We request you to visit our various projects with convenience.

Please talk and inspire your close friends and relatives to donate generously to Snehalaya through Axis Bank.  The Reliance Foundation will also give an equal contribution to us against your contribution. 
Please go to the link  in which there is a appeal for Snehalaya by SATYAMEV JAYATE team on their official website. You can also visit our website and
Thanks with regards,
Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Girish Kulkarni,
Hon. Director - Snehalaya, 
Mob. 9011020173.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Palak Melava

Snehalaya has organized Palak Melava (Parents Meet) in April 2012. The purpose behind Palak Melava is to share the progress of children, problems and also health issues regarding HIV +ve children and how parents can care for them.  

Snehalaya's Children Enjoying Summer Vacations

Snehalaya’s children are enjoying summer vacations in Snehalaya since 15th April and it will continue until 15th June 2012. Snehalaya has planned various programmes and educational trips for the children. During this summer vacation programme Mr. Ravindra Dhamdhere, Mumbai, visited Snehalaya and gave a small workshop to students for making a sky lamp from card sheet paper and paper cups. Snehalaya’s teachers Mr. Chandrakant and Pramila have also contributed a civilization programme and hobby classes.  They guide students regarding story-writing, debating, poems and kids games. 30 students participated in the civilization programme.      

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cummins Generator’s Hon. Bhargavaji Gives Generous Donation to Snehalaya

Pune ( Date: 30th Apr.2012)

Cummins Generator Technologies has always supported Snehalaya in various humanitarian works. Three years earlier, Snehalaya requested Mr. Pradeep Bhargava (Manging Director, C.G.T. India) to sponsor for 20 KVA D.G. set due to electricity issues. He replied positively and assured to support in this regard. C.G.T. donated the DG set worth Rs. 2, 85, 000/- to Snehalaya.

Today Cummins Generator Technologies organized a send-off programme on the occasion of the retirement of Mr. Pradip Bhargava (Managing Director, C.G.T. India) in Pune. Bhargavaji is also close attached with Snehalaya family and visited to Snehalaya a number of times.

On this occasion Bhargavaji appreciated the Snehalaya humanitarian work and he also appealed through this send-off programme to all Commins Generator Technology group members, who come from across India, to contribute to and support Snehalaya. Bhargavaji donated Rs. 35,763 by cheque to Mr. Suvalal Shingavi (Bapuji), Mr. Ramakant Tamboli and Mr. Bharat Kulkarni on behalf of Snehalaya. Bapuji gave the testimonial to Bhargavji on behalf of Snehalaya and over 100 participants were present at the programme.

English Medium School Changes Lives

The story belongs to an innocent boy, Rohit Prakash Bhandare. He lived in Sanjaynagar slum area in Ahmednagar city. Rohit has four sisters, two brothers. His mother does a minor work for livelihood and his father is a drug addict. The family environment is always stressful, not conducive to the development of the children and the family is not educated.     
Rohit is 6 years old and studying in 1st in Snehalaya’s English Medium School. Rohit is a calm boy in nature. He has not much interest in studies but is good in sports. He is also an expert in making instruments. The reason behind his poor interest in studies is that Rohit has not had enough help and support in education.

Schools most focus on overall child development with subjects like English, maths, computers, value ads, work ads, general knowledge, physical ads, drawing and crafts. In school, we must encourage the students for development in skills and virtues and also consider our students' interests while teaching. This system is commonly successful and effective in student progress and exactly the same has happened with Rohit.

Rohit is changing positively now. He is playing with numbers in maths and can read and write. Some qualities are developing within his mind like social skills, skillfulness and determination. Now he can make craft items because of guidance and motivation from school teachers. He also operates computer application tools. Rohit is enjoying learning so he regularly comes to school.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snehalaya's Two Daughters Got Married

Ahmednagar (Dt. 24 Apr. 2012)

Snehalaya family celebrated the grand occasion of the wedding ceremony of Snehalaya’s daughters, Miss. Rekha and Miss. Priya in the Rehabilitation Center.  Rekha completed nursing. After her education she became a nurse and since 2 years she continues a job in one of the well-known private hospitals. Mr. Swapnil Deepak Patherkar is Rekha’s husband. Swapnil is a graduate and hotel professionist. Priya took home science after completion HSC examination. Her husband, Mr. Deepak Shivaji Galande, works in well-known Prabhat Dairy at Shrirampur city.
This was a memorable occasion for Snehalaya and more than 1000 participants from Snehalaya’s family were present for this occasion for giving good wishes. Social worker Mrs. Sindhu and Mr. Dharmraj Shankar Auti guruji couple and Mrs. Sarswatibai and guruji Ramayya Narsayya Kodam were took Kannyadan of wedding couples. Some important presences included Behram Nagarwala, Ashok Kurapatti, Dilip Akolkar, Snehalaya president Bapuji allies Suvalal Shingavi, Milind Kulkarni, Rajiv Gujar, Rajendra Shukre, Sanjay Bandishthi, Vitthalrao Sose, Mrs. Mohini Jadhav, Hanif Shaikh, Deepak Kale and others in the wedding ceremony. This occasion came to a sweet end with a blessing from Shri Kshetra Dharampuri and Ha. Bha. Pa. Dattatray Anna Kotkar.
Snehalaya appeals to everyone to please contact us to inquire about marrying with Snehalaya’s daughters without considering caste and religion. Please contact Bharat Kulkarni 9011020176 / 9921273320.