Friday, April 2, 2010

Satyagriha in Shrirampur protesting police atrocities against women (Jan 2006)

Ahmednagar, Dt. 13/1/06

A Satyagriha has started from 12th, Jan. at Shrirampur against the usual atrocities of the local Police.  Police filed the falls cases of soliciting at public places on prostitutes while all were at home . Bail was given by Snehalaya Parivar to two of the arrested prostitutes denying the false allegation.  Police was pressurizing the women even in the court to accept the crime and pay the fine.  But the morale of the women was high.  Unfortunately we have prepared for two bails.  Hence others have left no option but to pay the fine for release even though there was a sheer injustice.  Adv. Jyotsana  Kadam pleaded the case  of the prostitute without taking any remuneration.

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