Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snehalaya is inaugurating Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti opening doors of Higher Education to underprivileged children

Ahmednagar (27 April)

Anant Achyutrao Zende (25 years) is a peon in a private school.  He came from poor rural farmer family.  He joined Snehalaya in 2004 as a volunteer.  Later on he got an opportunity  to meet Mahamanav Baba Amte and Dr. S.N. Subbarao (Bhaiji) during our visit to Anand Van and National Children's Festival.  

Since then, Anant is thinking of doing something for worthy students from rural poor background. 

Snehalaya received a building in Shrigonde town, 60 k.m. away from Ahmednagar donated by Mr. Girish Nilkanth Kulkarni, who is presently settled in Mumbai. Mr Girish donated his home to Snehalaya for Social and Educational purposes. Anant took up this responsiblity to start the Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti.  Anant has himself spent Rs. 1 lakhs from his own small savings for renovation for his building.  Anant only earns Rs. 5,500/- per month. But he is inspired by his team at Snehalaya, Baba Amte & Bhaiji.

Initially the Samiti will accommodate 30 inmates. The samiti requires the inmates to spend at least 10 hours every week for for social work. The objective of the Vidyarthi Sahayak Samithi is to build character and self reliance of the students while providing them with accomodation in the hostel. Anant would be staying in the hostel and will work as a Hon Director while doing his day job. 

Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti will be formally inaugurated on 1st  May 2010, at 4.00 pm.

You are cordially invited.

Address: - Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti, Kulkarni Wada, Kumbhar Galli, Shrigonde, Dist. Ahmednagar

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Snehalaya Childline organizes a health camp for over 200 children

Date : 15/04/10

Ahmednagar Childline organised Free orientation and health Checkup camp for IndraNagar Slum area children. The camp participants were consulted by Dr.Vijay Patil and Dr.Prachi Patil.

They addressed the camp participants about the importance of child health. The doctors also offered to treat the needy children free of charge in their hospital, in cases of serious medical conditions

In order to educate children about Dental health, Dr.Patil distributed 200 toothpaste packs for the slum children.  The childline team also raised a request to setup a Balbhavan in Indira nagar slum though the Aganwadi. This request recieved tremendous appreciation of the people. The team
created the proposal for the Bal Bhavan.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snehalaya Child Line completes 7 years

Ahmednagar (17 April 2010)

The 7th birthday of Ahmednagar Child Line was celebrated with enthusiasm and optimism yesterday.  Snehalaya is the collaborative organization of the child line at Ahmednagar.

The toll free phone number 1098 is hope for homeless and exploited children in trouble.  During the last 7 years, the Snehalaya Child line team , working 24 x 7 has received more than 3 hundred thousand phone calls. The team has handled more than 12 thousand rescue cases of children in distress and has rehabilitated them. The team has also exposed hundreds cases of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking  over these years.

To mark the occasion, Child line team organized  health camps in Slums treated about 1500 children. Mr. Sudhir Mancharkar, District Women & Child Welfare Officer, Mr. Satish Kane, senior journalist and editor of 60 years old Daily Samachar, Mr. Ashok Mule, Convener Swadeshi Jagran Manch, the members of the child welfare committee & Junevile Justice Board, representatives of various organizations working for women & children in distress admired and honored the Child Line team for its pro-active efforts with risk and complete dedication in solving the sensitive issues related to children.

Mr. Mancharkar said that, he has worked many places in Maharashtra as a district woman, child welfare officer.  But Ahmednagar Child Line is different in character and results.  The use of children in flesh trade and other types of victimization of children is stopped in Ahmednagar District due to the efforts of child line.  We expect and want the protection of child rights, as it's a basis of our nation building.  But without the involvement and initiative of the civil society and the NGO's it is merely not possible to the Government, the Police, the media or Judiciary.  The Child Line has involved the civil society in the process of the protection of child rights and created the difference.

Mr. Kane congratulated child line for its initiatives in various cases and the role-played by child line volunteers as complaint, witness etc.  He said, many people are working for children as it has became a fashion.  But the child line team is working with passion.  Child Lind ha brought the real and sustainable change in the lives thousands of under privileged children.

Mr. Rajendra Shukre, the Honorary Director of Ahmednagar Child Line explained the information about the cases handled in the last year.  "We have made the systems of Government, NGO's, CWC, more child friendly than the past.  Reached to 35 thousands children in Ahmednagar with information of child rights and child line."  Mr. Shukre added.  Mr. Dattatray Panchal, coordinator offered the vote of thanks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Snehalaya Pariwar, Inspired I.P.S. officer to continue her mission.

Ahmednagar, 10th April 2010

A trainee I.P.S officer Mrs. Jyoti Singh was honoured and awarded today by all the NGO from the Ahmednagar city & district and civil society members. Snehalaya has organized this event to boost the morale of honest, brave and dedicated police officers fighting against the fast growing criminal & anti national tendencies under political shelter.
Mrs. Jyoti, who was recently appointed in Ahmednagar, as a trainee I.P.S officer after completing her training from Police Academy has organized several raids in last 20 days. She has caught a racket producing the illegal liquor of all well-known brands and a factory of making local poisonous liquor costing more than 50 lacs. The factory is just 500 metres away from local Tophkhana police Station and in working since last 5 years in partnership with local corporators and politicians. Mrs. Singh raided several road side dhabas and brothels where the women and girls were used for the flesh trade. According to an appeal of the N.G.O’s and Snehalaya, she has agreed to apply I.T.P.A Act (Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act. 1986) against the brothel and dhaba owners, pimps and traffickers than the sections 111, 117 etc. of the conventional Mumbai police Act. Use of Mumbai Police Act creats the  unnecessary harassment in the victim women in prostitution while I.T.P.A attacks on actual criminals of the flesh trade. As the flesh trade is totally criminalized and got the political shelter, Many political leaders and even the agents of these criminal gangs in the police dept. have started creating conspiracies against Mrs. Jyoti Singh. The criminal gangs  are also trying for her transfer. 
      Mrs. Sing was offered a scroll by Mr.Makrnd Kher,  well known  social worker, convener of  Sanskar Barthi. Adv. Shyam Asawa,  right  hand of Anna Hajare said that Mrs. Sing is following the path of honest Police officers of late Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamthe, Vishwas Nangare , Arvind Inamder, etc. There is a drought  of honesty in the police dept. Hence  it is important to support even a small act of honesty.             
Snehalaya appealed the civil society of Ahmednagar to sign a support document supporting Mrs Singh and warning to come on street against the nexus criminals , politicians and some of the corrupt police officers. 10,000 civil society members (including padmabhushan Anna Hajare, Prinicipal Dr. Anil Sahastrabuddhe, Mr.Popat Pawar- Chairman of Ideal village committee of the stated etc) and eminent personalities have signed the support document. 
Mrs. Jyoti said that “what she is doing is only a part of her duty. I have joined the police dept. with a sacred motivation. I will continue my task as it is my life mission and service to my own motherland saving the future of our future generation,”. Mrs. Singh further said while replying to her felicitation. She has also added that this appreciation has boosted her morale.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Snehalaya children learn meditation from the saints (Mar 2010)

Ahmednagar March 3, 2010.

Discrimination the basis of castes, creeds, religions, regions, sex, economic conditions or HIV status is crime against God. We can convert the present world into heaven if we eliminate all sort of discrimination from our personal and social life, appealed Vishwatmak Janglidas Maharaj

Swami of Sadguru Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram, Kopergaon visited our shelter home, adoption center, Childline, Snehjyot-Mukta, Balbhavan etc. met the inmates, and taught them the techniques of Dhyan and self-empowerment.  The Janglidas Maharaj Ashram runs more than 50 schools and hostels in the various states. About 2 lakh disciples  have taken Anugraha Deeksha from Maharaj and are following the principles of unity of soul , non-discrimination and equality. The disciples are also from many European and Asian countries.

The team of Snehalaya had visited the schools and hostels of the Ashram and invited Maharaj to Snehalaya. Snehalaya requested Maharaj to conduct sessions from month of June 2010 to the worthy children from red-light areas and slums. Snehalaya can accommodate more inmates in campus after the project Himmat Gram at Islak gets completed, said Mr. Milind Kulkarni while offering vote of Thanks. Paramanand Maharaj, Sacchidanand Maharaj, Dada Naik and other eminent associate of Maharaj were also present.    

Snehalaya is selected for Agarkar Award

Ahmednagar. 16th February 2010

Lokmanya Sewa Sangh, Parle has announced its Gopal Ganesh Agarkar award for social work this year to Snehalaya. Mrs. Mangala Gokhale, The secretary of Library Unit and Convener's of the award committee has sent a letter to snehalaya in this regard. The Lokmanya  Sewa Sangh is established in 11th march 1923 by the followers of Lokmanya Tilak in Mumbai .Today it's a well known and reputed social and cultural institution in the state of Maharashtra. The award committee has visited all the project of snehalaya and declared the award today.

The award ceremony has been organized on 6th march 2010 at 7.30pm, in Gokhale Sabhagruh of Lokmanya Sewa Sangh. The former vice chancellors of Mumbai University Dr. Snehalata Deshmukh will be the chief guest the programme is open to all and it's an opportunity to listen to some eminent social workers.

Snehalaya opens new wards in the HIV hospital (Dec 2009)

Date: December, 21st, 2009

The inauguration of newly built wards for Snehalaya's hospital of HIV positive patients held on 21st, December 2009 by the auspicious hands of Dr. Mrunal Shete (Director, Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, Pune) and Dr. Madhav Munde (District Civil Surgeon, Ahmednagar). The renowned medical professionals, well-wishers of Snehalaya, staff of all projects and beneficiaries especially women in Prostitution, representatives of network of people living with HIV was present for the programme.

Snehalaya is running 20 bedded hospital since last two years exclusively for HIV positive patients. The patients from all over Ahmednagar district are coming to our hospital for reliable treatment on opportunistic infections as well as pretest and post test counseling on HIV/AIDS and STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections).  The patient are being admitted in our hospital for 5 to 14 days, in this period the patient has to go under all the necessary tests, like CD4, sputum, HB etc.  the trained counselors used to counsel them on the various topics like home based care, social stigma, STI, sexual life, harassment by the society, relatives etc.   The Medical Officers in our hospital registers the patients for ART (Anti Retroviral Treatment) in ART Center in the Civil Hospital, where the patients can get the free medicines of HIV/AIDS.  Additionally our Outreach Workers take care that patient should not discontinue the treatment.

Our hospital is getting overwhelming response and we did not have sufficient space to admit the patients in our hospital. This need made us to build new well equipped hospital for 20 more patients (10 male and 10 female).  In this project the Netherlands based trust 'Stichting Geron' offered financial assistance for the construction of the hospital.  Snehalaya is always grateful to Dr. Nicolas Nobel, Mrs. Annakoos, Mr. Bastian and Dr. Marlous Kortekaas of Stichting Geron for their kind help in the humanitarian work of Snehalaya.  Snehalay has named this building as 'Dr. Nicolas Nobel Complex'.  

Dr. Mrunal Shete appreciated the efforts of Snehalaya for treating the patients with HIV/AIDS without any kind of discrimination and congratulated Dr. Nilesh Parjane, (M.O. of Snehalaya's Spruha Community Care Center) and his team for selfless service.  Dr. Munde assured to extend all kind of support to our hospital on behalf of Civil Hospital (Govt. Hospital in Ahmednagar).  Dr. Ravindra Somani, renowned surgeon donated 22 cots and Dr. Nilesh Shelke donated 6 cots for patients at this juncture.  Dr. Suhas Ghule, well known radiologist and trustee of Snehalaya has given the vote of thanks.

A son helps her mother give up prostitution (Dec 2009)

Chanda was in prostitution from last 12 years. She was operating by Miss. kamalbai brothel keepers. She has to borrowed money from Kamalbai at the rate of interest rupees 20% per day. It was very difficult to get free from the loan burden taken because of the huge rate of interest. When the first Self Help Grop Roshn Mahila Bachat Gat was formed. And our field officer Miss Sangeeta Shelar (former sex worker) insisted her to register her name in this self-help group. Chanda registered her name in this SHG. The SHG is a members in Roshan Mahila Bachat gat. The members of the Roshan Mahila Bachat Gat started collecting Rs. 100 per month, after few months, The SHG started a purposeful money-lending process to help women get out their debt trap. Mrs. Chanda was let Rs. 4000 for the SHG and established a small ice-cream shopee for her son Sachin. Sachin started this business by the contribution of his mother and was earning Rs. 350 per day.
In very few days, he returned the money Rs. 4000 to Roshan Mahila Bachat Gat through his mother. Now Sachin has expanded his business. He insisted his mother Chanda to leave prostitution. Chanda is working with Snehalaya as a help worker and has totally given up prostitution. Sachin is very happy to be
with his mother in his own house.

Snehalaya organizes programs on the ocassion of World Aids Day (Dec 1 2009)

All the projects of Snehalaya working on the issues related with HIV-AIDS have today organized several programmes in and outside the campus, on World AIDS Day today.

Snehalaya’s SPRUHA center is India’s first, sixteen years old care and support center for HIV-AIDS positives. The center has given treatment and residential care to 2500 patients in the last year. The center is extending its services on total free basis. The center has organized ‘Anand Melawa’ of all the HIV-Positives Center presented many success stories of the survivors to inspire the depressed patients and their families. The Karnataka Health Promotion Trust and NACO are the partners of Snehalaya in SPRUHA activities.

Snehjyot Mukta Project mainly deals with the women, men and eunuchs in prostitution. The project has today re -launched the female condoms as a second step in the mission of prevention of HIV-AIDS. The women volunteers of Snehalaya in the red-light areas selling the female condom on 3 Rs.50 Ps. Per piece cost. A woman volunteer who teaches the use of female condom receives Rs.1.50ps. commission on sale of each condom. Today the 500 female condoms were purchased in the 3 red-light areas of Ahmednagar. The general health camp was also organized in the red-light areas of Ahmednagar, Shirampur, Shevgaon and all the Tamasha Theaters. In the district. Pathfinder organization is extending support to Snehalaya in this mission. Snehalaya has also organized similar programmes at Malegaon (Dist. Nashik) and Pune in the red-light areas and in the institutions where positives received opportunities of new life.
Snehalaya’s Balbhavan Project is active in 6 major slums in Ahmednagar city. Rallies, Exhibitions, health camps were organized to create awareness about of the HIV-AIDS in all the slums.

In Snehalaya’s rehabilitation center, Cummins Generator Technologies has organized a fun fair for HIV-Positive children, women and patients.  The children have participated in all the games and cultural programme on the occasion. The local media has also given publicity to various success stories of survivors of Snehalaya family.

Snehalaya organizes 'Get together with a purpose' for network of NGOs. (Nov 2009)

 Ahmednagar,  1st Nov 2009

Financial prosperity, power, authority or fame cannot make human life meaningful.  But it is possible only if we extend our every possible support to under privileged countrymen & women. Considering them as images of god, appealed Rameshji Kacholiya, founder of Mumbai Group of Friends (MGOF) here. He also appealed all the likeminded civil society members to join Snehalaya as Snehalaya is changing the destinies of hundreds of most deprived sections of our society.

Snehalaya has organized a Get-together with Purpose on inspiration of MGOF on 25th Oct 2009 in auditorium of Hotel Yash Palace at Ahmednagar. SMT. Chaya Firodiya, belonging to Kinetic Group of Industries and secretary of Ahmednagar Education Society has presided the meet. Mr. Kacholiya was present as Chief Guest at the function.  Rameshji addressed to present   285 well-wishers and donors quoting his inspiring experiences and observations of various humanitarian works, MGOF in associated with. Mr. Kaushikbhai Shah, Mrs. Sudhaben Shah, Dr.Sarojben Mitra, Ms. Miranda Hudson (Volunteer from U.K), Mr. Bhagwan Fulsaunder, (First Mayor of the city) and many others were present at the function. The eminent personalities from banking, Industries, media, social and political field, Govt. officers and Lawyers and Judges were present at the occasion.

Mr. Kacholiya said that even our smallest help has a potential to change a destiny of under privileged children. Snehalaya has stopped use of minors in the red-light areas of Ahmednagar District and eliminated the second-generation prostitution by providing them proper education. Snehalaya has done pathfinding work in the rehabilitation and social reintegration of the HIV positive kids and women and the rescued victims from the brothels. Since last 7 years, Snehalaya has also developed its projects in various 5 slums. Snehalaya has created role models and road maps of social change. Institution has made it possible only with the support of volunteers, and donations from individuals and private trusts. Mr. Kacholiya further appealed to personally visit all the projects of Snehalaya to understand the change brought by Snehalaya.

Mr. Kacholiya also told about some of the institutions getting support of MGOF. The NGO’s with true volunteerism  are going to  carve the future of India and relying merely or blaming to Government, Police, Judicial, or media for not bringing  the social change will be escapism for civil society, he commented.
Mr. Ambadas Chauhan (Asst. Director) introduced some of the success stories of Snehalaya. Snehalaya’s students are toppers in some of the well-known schools of Ahmednagar. Mr. Milind Kulkarni (Secretary), explained about the plans of Snehalaya. Hon. Director Dr. Girish Kulkarni told about the challenges and the expected role of civil society in various issues. Miss. Miranda Hudson said that the poverty and exploitation anywhere in the world would always be a threat to peace and prosperity anywhere. The work in slums, red-light areas and shelter home of Snehalaya gives a true satisfaction of living a meaningful life, she said. Mr. Sanjay Bandishti offered the vote of thanks.            

Snehalaya children celebrate Diwali

On 17 October 2009, there was a grand celebration of Dipawali for the children in Rehabilitation Center. Diwali is one of the most prominent festivals in India. The children were engaged in building a replica of Great fort Raigarh. They enjoyed the new clothes and sweetmeat, explosion of crackers. Ms. Miranda Hudson from U.K also participated in the celebration. Advocate Sudhir Naik explained the importance of the day. The sympathizers of Snehalaya visited the rehab. center and donated new clothes, sweets, soaps, hair oil etc.

The children enjoyed the festival.

Snehlaya's Amol Selected for National level Kabbadi

Snehalaya's Amol Dhanapurn (learning in std. 7th) was participated in the Kabaddi game at the school level competition. He was selected for the inter school competitions and then step by step in the divisional level competitions.

He was represented Pune Division in the Division level competition and became winner.  In the next state level competition held at Panwel, dist. Raigad on 26th, October 2009 his team was lost the game in semi-final, but Amol was selected for National Tournament held at Raipur in Chhattisgarh state during 5th to 8th, October 2009.  He is going to participate in the training and pre-competition matches at Buldhana during 1st, October to 4th, October 2009. Amol is the the the first student to Bhausaheb Firodiya High School who reached the National level ever.

Prof. Chaudhari and Prof. Shete coached him for the success.

200 youths take oath of integrity and donate blood (Sep 2009)

Date: 5th, to 9th, Sep. 2009

9th, Shram Sanskar Chhavani has concluded on 9th Sept. 2009.  The Youth Camp was started from 5th September 2009 at Snehalaya's Rehabilitation Project at MIDC. 200 students from various colleges participated from almost all parts of Maharashtra State.  

Mr. Vasant Lodha, the social worker in Ahmednagar, Mr. Sanjit Taee, working with Arpan Foundation, U.S. Mr. Sanjay Bandisti, an industrialist and many other imminent personalities were present for an inauguration of the camp. The chief guest hoisted the national flag and gave an oath of national integrity to the participants.  Sanjit Tayee said that every individual should do his duty honestly and spend some time for social reformation regularly.

Mr. Tapasvi, the renowned thinker and active social worker discussed with the students about the challenges that India is facing and the role of youth for problem solving.   The students also participated in the group discussion on the various burning issues like, dowry, abortion of girl child, corruption, addictions, nuclear family system, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, separation of society in the name of religions and economical condition etc.  The participants expressed their feelings regarding above issues and took an oath to contribute for problem solving.    

Dr. Prakash Kataria, well-known Medical Professional from Pune, guided the participants to eliminate the bad habits of taking improper food and consuming liquor. He also insisted the students to take exercise regularly because the 'prevention is better than cure'.
Next day Dr. Girish Kulkarni had a dialogue with the participants, he told that, every one has to cross the path of fire and thorns, as well as to swim the opposite direction of river and we can have something special which anyone could not get.  Dr. Kulkarni explained the participants, how to take efforts to reach to the success with honesty loyalty.      

Prof. Adhav, the thinker and renowned speaker was the chief guest of the concluding ceremony of the Youth Camp on 9th, Sept. 2009.  He inspired the youth to start the social projects at their places.  Snehalaya is always ready to help those participants for the cause. If the students participated in the Youth Camp can stay away from the illegal things, addictions, and other social evils, it will be the success of this camp.  He appeal the youths to be the proud of nation.  The participation certificates have been distributed by the auspicious hand of Prof. Adhav.

Mr. Kanojia, the Yoga Teacher has trained the participants in Yoga.  The inspirational films, documentaries were watched by the participants as well as they participated in the cultural programmes held on 8th, Sept. 2000 trees are planted in four days in the premises of Snehalaya.   The students has organised street plays in various slums to aware the slum dwellers about education of the children and other issues.  At the end of the programme all participants has donated blood to 'Jankalyan Blood Bank'.

Snehalaya Inaugurates Center of Hope - A computer institutue (Aug 2009)

Snehalaya's new I. T. Center was inaugurated on the occasion of Independence Day at 9.30 am at 'Snehalaya's Center of Hope', Laxmi Karanja, Near Daily Samachar, Anandi Bazar, Ahmednagar.  The center will be beneficial for the most neglected section of the society i.e. the children of prostitutes, children from slums, children from other institutions in which they do not have facilities for computer training for their beneficiaries and unemployed youth.  Snehalaya is taking special efforts for the quality education of these students, this new set up of the well equipped Computer Training Center is ready by the financial support of Edelgive Foundation, Mumbai, Aadhar 4u, The Netherlands and Symantec Pune.

The center will be run under the guidance of expertise of Hope Foundation, Mumbai.  The center will provide the course like Information Technology, M.S. Office, Desk Top Publishing, Personality Development and Spoken English to the students in very nominal cost.  The educational games will be available for the children between 10 yrs. to 14 yrs.  to be familiar with  computer.

Snehalaya celebrates Independence Day by honoring dedicated social workers (Aug 2009)

Various programmes were organized on the occasion of 63rd Independence Day of India.  Mr. P.B. Sawant (Former Justice of Supreme Court  of India and Ex. Chairman of the 'Press Council of India', presently he presides the 'Lokshasan Andolan', People's Movement against injustice in Maharashtra.  He was invited for the programme of Annual Award Distribution Programme.  He came one day before to observe the work being done by Snehalaya on 14th, August. The Ahmednagar Press Club invited to discuss with him and organized the Press Conference on the same day more than 50 representative of renowned electronic and print media.  He focused on the roles, responsibilities and power of media persons in the development of neglected and deprived people.

Flag hoisting:
Next Day on 15th, August 2009 in the morning at 8.30 am Mr. Sanjay Adhav, the Computer professional from Pune and Mr. Suwalal Shingavi hoisted the national flag.  All the students and staff of Snehalaya were present for the programme. The representatives of students addressed the other students and they gave information about sacrifice of several patriotic. Mr. Adhav also addressed the students and advised to concentrate on the studies and be the toppers in the schools.  The students demonstrated the skill of Judo and Karate in front of the hon. guests.

Annual Award Distribution Programme:
The important event on the same day was 'Annual Award Distribution Programme', Nine Awards has been distributed by Snehalaya to nine dedicated social worker i.e. Ms. Meghana Kale, Chaturang Pratishthan,Mr. Vasantrao Thakar, Sawali, Pune, Mr. Tushar Ranjankar, Ms. Rujuta Patil, Mr. Dinkar Vaidya, Mrs. Asha Shinde, Dr. Ajit Nawale, Ms. Sujata Dahiphale and Mr.Deelip Gunjal were awarded with Scroll of honor, Shawl, coconut and Rs. 5000 cash by the auspicious hands of Mr. Sawant, Mr. Kisanlal Sarada, the well known industrialist and the social from Nashik, Mr. Vilasji Lamkhade, Sarpanch, Nimbalak Village, Mr. Mamasaheb Kaundinya and Mr. Suvalalji Shingavi. The prominent personalities from all over Maharashtra and Ahmednagar city were present for the programme.  

Mr. Kisanlal Sarada has declared donation of Rs. 51,000 and Mr. Kaundinya has donated his new brand Indica Car faor Snehalaya's Snehankur Adoption Center.  Mr. P.B. Sawant said in his speech that Snehalaya is really doing a pathfinding work for the socially neglected section of the society, and it's a responsibility of the other community members to enable this section to be in main stream.      

Birthday Celebration:  The children in Rehab. Center of Snehalaya used to celebrate the birthday commonly on 15th, August.  The event has been lead by the children only. They organized a fun fair and as well as cultural programmes.  Delicious food was arranged.  At the end of the programme they enjoyed the move 'LOC-Kargil' on this occasion.

Students from Mahindra United World College, visit Snehalaya projects to learn about AIDs (July 2009)

Date: July 23rd, to 25th, 2009

23 students from Mahindra United World College, Pune visited Snehalaya's various projects of Snehalaya.  The students are from U.S., U.K., Italy, Germany, Australia and many other parts of world.    The exposure visit was organized by Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) and India Educational Tours (IET).  

Ms. Annabel Smith, Director of GLA, Mrs. Beulah Kolhatkar, Director of IET and Ms. Sindhu Ramchandran, MUWC, Pune leaded the team of students.  The students visited Rehab. Center, Balbhavan, Childline, Snehankur Adoption Center and the Snehjyot Mukta project, working in red light areas of Ahmednagar district.  

The students had interacted with the beneficiaries of Snehalaya's various projects.  They played with the children.   2-3 children adopted each of them and had a dialogue with the students.  The students and beneficiaries created a bond of love between each other.  

Dr. Girish Kulkarni and Dr. Marcia Waran discussed  about HIV/AIDS with the students. The students asked various questions and tried to know more about stay away from HIV infection.  Peer Educators of Snehjyot  Mukta Project demonstrated for proper use of condom. HIV/AIDS is the main theme of exposure visit. 

Snehalaya starts sending children in red light areas to residential schools (June 2009)

Date: July 9, 2009
Snehalaya's Snehjyot Mukta Project working with the women in prostitution in Ahmednagar district has taken the initiative to send/admit the children in red light areas to various residential schools.

The children in red light areas are more vulnerable to the sexual exploitation and trafficking.  The children were engaged in rag-picking, drug peddling and even in pimping.  The District Coordinator Mr. Pravin Mutyal has motivated the team working all over district specifically in red light areas, Tamasha Theaters and slums to convince the parents (mother) to send the children to residential school. 

In this month Snehjyot has admitted following children:

Name of child
Sanket  Kale
Bayajabai Vidyalay
Samir Jawalkar
Vadala Mission

Akshay Jawalkar
Vadala Mission
Chhakuli Chandan
Athare Patil Vidyalay

Parvej Kureshi
Wadala Mission

Vilas Kailas Rothe
Ralegan Siddi

Ashvini Balu Gangurde
Ralegan Siddi

Ganesh Kale
Ralegan Siddi

Vikram Nikam

Samir Bobde

Amol Bobde

Akash Nikam

Raju Waghmare
Gevrai Ashram Shala

Jyoti Mahadkar
Gevrai Ashram Shala

Mayur Budhvant
Gevrai Ashram Shala

Priya Dukre
SSGM College

Pooja Shelar
Dyandev English school

Sanjana Shingh
Dyandev English school