Friday, April 2, 2010

Maharashtra Social Forum for Network of NGOs (Mar 2007)

Many Non Governmental Organizations (N.G.O) face the problems of isolation and opposition by various anti social forces. We also observe the nexus of politicians, traffickers, organized criminal gangs, law enforcement agency against the social activists struggling for social change.

Snehalaya has taken an initiative to create a network of all the like minded NGO's and the civil society members and established Maharasthra Social Forum in the year 2004.

Second state level convention of the forum was organized at Ahmednagar on 16'th to 18'th March 2007. 15000 volunteers of more than 500 NGO's from all parts of Maharshtra have participated in the meet. Not only experts but the grass root workers have shared their experiences and observations here. The issues of farmers' suicides, the land acquisition for Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Aids and Trafficking , the atrocities on Dalits, child laborers, women were discussed.
Plan of action on various important issues and resolutions were unanimously passed in the end ceremony of the Forum and persuasion on Govt. media and community level has also been decided.

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