Friday, April 2, 2010

Snehalaya helps diffuse territorial violence in Ahmednagar (Dec 2007)

Ahmednagar :

The violent clashes between the local residents and the employees from other states became the cause of disturbance in MIDC area, and surrounding villages like Nimbalak, Isalak, Wadgaon Gupta in Ahmednagar District.  The factory workers from other states than Maharashtra were threatened, brutally beaten and forced   to leave the industrial area of Ahmednagar.  2000 workers out of 11000 left Ahmednagar along with their families to save their lives.  This massive migration affected the economy of the city and surrounding areas.  The vested interests of some of the organized criminal gangs were behind the issue.  This incident raised question mark on the national integrity.    

Snehalaya has initiated the peace mission as Snehalaya has its shelter home in the heart of the MIDC and it’s a prominent NGO in this area. The labores of out states requested the shelter and protection especially to their family members to Snehalaya. Usually, Snehalaya is not dealing with the other issues than the issues related to red light areas and slums. But the violent situation around us and the life threat to the families of the out state workers motivated us to act as a fire brigade in a social conflict. Snehalaya has organized ‘Samvad Sabha’ of local citizens in the most violent places.  The volunteers of Snehalaya are trying to explain them about importance brotherhood and nonviolence as a basis of economic development of every individual and the nation.

The factory owners participated in this mission. The first meeting was held at Snehalaya’s rehabilitation centre. Snehalaya has distributed 10000 pamphlets. Snehalaya organized a joint meeting of violent groups in presence of Padmbhusahn Anna Hajare to settle the differences. Mr. Hajare appealed the people to keep away the Police, Politicians, professional agencies or the organized gangs who can create new problems instead of solving the basic one.  

Now the peace has retuned with harmony.  The migration was stopped.  Snehalaya has got many supporters in its surrounding areas from all the cross sections of the society.

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