Saturday, March 30, 2013

Female Percentage Increased In Ahmednagar District

Ahmednagar, 11th July
Female percentage in Ahmednagar dist. is increasing due to the consistent and coordinated  efforts of Snehalaya  and government agencies.  As of last June (2011), the percentage of female birth was found at 813 per 1000 males.  This year in the official  survey of April, May and June 2012, the number of female births has been found increased up to 850 against 1000 boys. These statistics were officially announced  by Mr. Ashok Pawade, Dy.CEO of Ahmednagar Zillah Parishad on 11 July, 2012.
Snehankur Adoption Centre  had organized a felicitation ceremony today at Snehankur Centre. The NGO has respectfully invited  those who have played the conscious roles in converting conventional efforts in to an encouraging  success story.

Dr. Ravindra Niturkar (Dist. Civil Surgeon ),  Mrs. Vaishali Shinde (Dy.Police chief),  Dr. Priti Deshpande, well-known social worker,  and many others were present as chief guests to celebrate this success on  the occasion. Dr. Niturkar  said that mainly the  "Stree Bhrun Hatya Mukta Gaon Abhiyan" (people's movement to make a village free from  female feticide) by Snehalaya -Snehankur, the strict implementation of PNDT Act, the schemes by Gram panchayats like depositing 2000 rupees in the name of  female immediately  after her birth, the get-together program of pregnant women at the village level, etc. have proved as  very effective measures in changing the trend. Government agencies alone cannot face the complex social challenge of female  feticide but it needs the active involvement of NGOs and society to fight the social evil of female feticide. Snehalaya and Snehankur volunteers have reached out to the grassroots level with positive messages. This movement is  working 24 x 7 and also saves the underweight and premature girl children  who were the victims of social customs. "These efforts need no money but a strong willpower for social change," Dr. Niturkar said.

4 Child get their Mummy & Papa…..

On this occasion,  4 children  were given in adoption to families by Snehankur Adoption Centre.  Out of these 4 kids, 3 were girl children. They are the survivors as their  lives were  saved after the  attempts of foticide. They were underweight and premature when saved by 'Team Snehankur.'  Mr. Ajay Wable concluded the function by giving a pledge to all to save the girl child & to work hard  for achieving  the goal  of equal  male and female ratio by the end of  2015 in Ahmednagar District. 20 volunteers  who had contributed in this mission were also honored at the occasion.

Present  statistics of  females per 1000 males….

Present available statistics of Ahmednagar district shows that the female percentage is worse  in economically-progressed areas than from the economically  backward areas of the district.

Rahata  tehsil is famous due to the international pilgrim centre of Shirdi. The female ratio in Shirdi-Rahata area is just 758. Sangamner is the tehsil of state revenue minister Balasaheb Thorat where the percentage is  752. Shrigonde is the tehsil represented by  Dist. Guardian Minister Mr. Babanrao  Pachpute of NCP.  Here  the percentage is  804.  In Shevgaon-820, Rahuri-814, Karjat-922, Jamkhed-903, Pathardi-909, Jamkhed-903, Shrirampur-912.

Akole is the tribal, socially-economically-educationally  backward  tehsil of Ahmednagar district. Here the female ratio is 952, found much better than the majority of other tehsils.

"Snehankur has decided to concentrate more  on Shrigonde, Rahata, Rahuri, Sangamner and Shevgaon tehsils in the next 2 years," informed Kundan Pathare,  Asst. Coordinator of Snehankur Adoption Center.  He urged every citizen to step forward  to stop female feticide &  help in empowering the girl child in every possible way.  "The action must begin at home, in our families, in our communities," he added.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snehalaya's Annual General Meeting 2013

Snehalaya's Annual General Meeting will be held on 30 Mar. 2013 the Agenda will be as below.

 AGENDA of Annual General Meeting 2013
Date Saturday, 30/Mar/2013 Time: 04:00 PM to 06:30 PM
Place Alliance Hall, MIDC, Ahmednagar
Sr. Topic Time
1 Prayer 04:00 to 04.05
2 Opening of Meeting 04:05 to 04:15
3 Condolence 04:15 to 04:20
4 Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting 04:20 to 04:25
5 Presentation of Project 04:25 to 04:55
6 Financial Report 04:55 to 05:15
7 Adoption of Annual Report 05:15 to 05:20
8 Adoption of New Organisation Structure 05:20 to 05:35
9 Confirmation of Resolutions 05:35 to 05:40
10 Election of New Executives  05:40 to 05:55
11 Urgent General Business 05:55 to 06:25
12 Closure 06:25 to 06:30

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Victim Women in Prostitution Donated to "Sakal Relief Fund for Drought"
Ahmednagar 15- 

The drought situation in Maharashtra is the worst seen in the last 40 years. About 15 thousand villages in 18 districts of Maharashtra are facing severe drought situation presently. Huge migration has already started from rural areas in search of drinking water and livelihood-employment options . Government and few private initiatives are trying to extend the various types of support. But people find no hope in such bleak dark situations. A Ray of Hope emerged from last layer of our society.

Mr. Bal Bothe, Editor of Daily Sakal A.Nagar, received help from victim women for Sakal Relief Fund for Drought

All victim women in prostitution of Ahmednagar district gathered for a meeting in the Rehab. Center of  Snehalaya on March 13th 2013. They discussed the drought situation. Meena Shinde is a trustee of Snehalaya and director of Snehalaya's Snehjyot project for the victim women in prostitution. Meena had appealed in the meeting that ,"We always fight for our fundamental rights. We have fought for life with dignity - right of work, equality, etc. At the same time we must perform our duties as true citizens of India. Let's contribute for our brothers and sisters facing drought." Manda Tai Pol and Jaya Tai Jogdand came forward and supported her proposal. These women decided to contribute Rs. 1 lac from all victim women in prostitution. They immediately contributed their one night earning without any hesitation. They all went to the office of Daily Sakal. They contributed Rs.15213/- as a first installment to the "Sakal Relief Fund for Drought" which shows their deep concern for the needy people. They have also assured to donate remaining amount within 1 month. This would set an example for the people in society.

Snehalaya has always encouraged these women to perform their duties as citizens of India. These victim women have always contributed their daily/weekly earnings to the man-made or natural disasters like for victims of earthquakes in Marathwada and Gujrat, cyclone in Orissa, Tsunami, rains in Ladakh, floods in Kosi -Bihar, Mumbai riots and bomb blasts, and other 13 critical situations.

Their contributions have always inspired many other civil citizens & govt. officials to support our own countrymen/women facing difficulties.

Work on Drought

Snehalaya family has started working on drought situations. On the constructive front, we are appealing people to organize the marriages and other social gatherings with a simple informal manner and contribute possible amount to drought relief funds through trusted institutions and media groups. Also raised such appeals at Marriage halls.

Most of the migrated families are shifted in slums where we are trying to give them reference of work on our credit. Snehalaya runs educational support & women empowerment program in 8 major slums of Ahmednagar city & at Katraj of Pune which named as Balbhawan. Aurangabad, Beed and Usmanabad districts of Marathwada region are on borders of Ahmednagar district. Hence there is huge migration ration from these districts to Ahmednagar.

We are also keeping a close watch on their children to protect them from antisocial-criminal tendencies. We have announced a scheme for college-going students that they can get free food and shelter during exam periods if they originate from droughtful rural areas. Association of Ahmednagar Manufacturer's Association (AAMI) is an authorized organization of the industrialists which is also a sister concern organization of Snehalaya. On appeal made by Snehalaya, AAMI has donated 35 water tanks costing more than 5 lacs for 'Animal Camps' in drought-affected region.

On the other front, Snehalaya is fighting a battle against the Sand Mafias. The huge sand smuggling from the Pravara-Godawari-Mula-Ghod -Seena and other rivers affected the low ground level of water. It is also one of the major reasons of drought in some parts. Sand Mafias get support from political leaders/ministers/revenue officials. Snehalaya, under the banner of "Swayansevi Sansthancha Mahasangh," a group of NGOs in Ahmednagar, started a 24 x 7 Helpline for stopping sand smuggling. People are informing us day and night about sand lifting. We have established links with Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Dayal, District Collector of Ahmednagar. He has ordered about on-the-spot raids in such cases. We have also given a list of sand mafias to income tax and sales tax dept. Last week, we demonstrated in front of their offices for not applying their authority and duty against sand mafias. All these efforts have almost stopped the sand smuggling in the district.

All these efforts require very small expense, but a will to work with our capacity. This calamity is also an opportunity to convince people of the value of each drop of water and importance of protecting and grooming the environment and all natural resources. 

Let's come forward to serve our society & nature. Jai Hind!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snehalaya’s Karate Champ!

On 10th March, the Pune Muncipal Corporation, jointly with the Pune District Karate Association, organized a function in Pune. The Pune Mayor Trophy 2012-2013 and a gold medal was awarded to Snehalaya’s 13-year old daughter Ms.Varsha Parode, for emerging victorious in the 40 Kg.+ weight class of the Pune District Women’s Karate Tournament!

Varsha has more reasons to be proud of. It's unbelievable, but true, that Varsha hasn’t undergone any formal martial arts training. She practiced endlessly with sheer grit and determination to improve her techniques and to hone her amazing skills. She really deserves being honored with this gold medal for her awe-inspiring performance.

Varsha, who is growing up in Snehalaya, studies in the 7th standard of Rupibai Motilal New English School in Ahmednagar. The school gives free admission to 20 Snehalaya girls every year.

The school Principal Ms.Mavchi, the Asst. Principal Mr.Thorat, the teachers Anjali Devkar, Chhayatai Firodia, along with Snehalaya’s President Mr.Suvalal Shinghavi, Executive President Mr.Sanjay Gugale, Secretary Mr.Rajiv Gujar, Hon. Director Dr. Girish Kulkarni, Asst. Director Ambadas Chavan and other senior staff-members including Anil Gawade, Sharad Jadav, Samadhan Dhalgude, Sunil More, Pramila Ubale, all expressed their hearty congratulations to the beaming Varsha. Snehalaya’s daughters continue to win laurels in so many fields and inspire others to do so. Keep it up, girls! We’re so very proud of you.

Balbhavan Student Wins the Tyakondo Competition in Ahmednagar

The Raped Fight Back!

(8th March, 2013)

R.A.P.E. is not only about forcible violent sex, it's actually an abbreviation for the horrific Rejoicing Act of Perverse Enjoyment. To ensure that the offenders are severely punished, and to instill fear in potential rapists of minor girls and women, the World Women’s Day celebration organized by SNEHALAYA at Gunvadi village (Ahmednagar district) was a day with a difference. Two brutally raped women (along with two witnesses in these rape cases) exhibited extraordinary courage by publicly narrating their ordeal. They recalled how, in spite of being innocent victims, they were ridiculed and humiliated in society. And yet these courageous ladies persistently struggled for justice. Their efforts finally paid off, when just last week, the perpetrators of this barbaric crime were sentenced to 20 years rigorous imprisonment. However, our “civilized” society still continues to treat these commendable women as criminals for participating in the raping!

Snehalaya paid homage to these four brave women and humbly presented each of them with a citation, a trophy, a (“Maher”) saree and other gifts. The victims of this horrendous atrocity wept, and tearfully said that their tears of joy has finally washed away their grief. When they said that the honor bestowed upon them has revived their dead self-respect, the audience spontaneously rose to give them a standing ovation!

Women’s Day is celebrated in Snehalaya to honor awe-inspiring ordinary women of extraordinary courage, who demonstrate bravery to triumph over overwhelming odds. The Asst. Commisioner of Police Ms. Maya Danke who focuses on crimes against women, presided as the Chief Guest of the function. On this occasion, Ms. Renuka Dahatonde who acts as a mother to the AIDS-afflicted children living in Snehalaya, as well as two women liberated from prostitution were also honored.

The horrifying rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi and her subsequent demise was remembered and the audience took a solemn oath to relentlessly wage war against rapists and to crusade for amending our archaic Anti-Rape law.

Snehalaya team-members Dattatrey Panchal, Ratna Shinde, Suresh Shirsagar, Pramila Ubale, Sharad Jadav, and Anuja Mane played a key role in organizing this momentous function which is another mile-stone for the Snehalaya Parivar.