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200 youths take oath of integrity and donate blood (Sep 2009)

Date: 5th, to 9th, Sep. 2009

9th, Shram Sanskar Chhavani has concluded on 9th Sept. 2009.  The Youth Camp was started from 5th September 2009 at Snehalaya's Rehabilitation Project at MIDC. 200 students from various colleges participated from almost all parts of Maharashtra State.  

Mr. Vasant Lodha, the social worker in Ahmednagar, Mr. Sanjit Taee, working with Arpan Foundation, U.S. Mr. Sanjay Bandisti, an industrialist and many other imminent personalities were present for an inauguration of the camp. The chief guest hoisted the national flag and gave an oath of national integrity to the participants.  Sanjit Tayee said that every individual should do his duty honestly and spend some time for social reformation regularly.

Mr. Tapasvi, the renowned thinker and active social worker discussed with the students about the challenges that India is facing and the role of youth for problem solving.   The students also participated in the group discussion on the various burning issues like, dowry, abortion of girl child, corruption, addictions, nuclear family system, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, separation of society in the name of religions and economical condition etc.  The participants expressed their feelings regarding above issues and took an oath to contribute for problem solving.    

Dr. Prakash Kataria, well-known Medical Professional from Pune, guided the participants to eliminate the bad habits of taking improper food and consuming liquor. He also insisted the students to take exercise regularly because the 'prevention is better than cure'.
Next day Dr. Girish Kulkarni had a dialogue with the participants, he told that, every one has to cross the path of fire and thorns, as well as to swim the opposite direction of river and we can have something special which anyone could not get.  Dr. Kulkarni explained the participants, how to take efforts to reach to the success with honesty loyalty.      

Prof. Adhav, the thinker and renowned speaker was the chief guest of the concluding ceremony of the Youth Camp on 9th, Sept. 2009.  He inspired the youth to start the social projects at their places.  Snehalaya is always ready to help those participants for the cause. If the students participated in the Youth Camp can stay away from the illegal things, addictions, and other social evils, it will be the success of this camp.  He appeal the youths to be the proud of nation.  The participation certificates have been distributed by the auspicious hand of Prof. Adhav.

Mr. Kanojia, the Yoga Teacher has trained the participants in Yoga.  The inspirational films, documentaries were watched by the participants as well as they participated in the cultural programmes held on 8th, Sept. 2000 trees are planted in four days in the premises of Snehalaya.   The students has organised street plays in various slums to aware the slum dwellers about education of the children and other issues.  At the end of the programme all participants has donated blood to 'Jankalyan Blood Bank'.

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