Thursday, June 25, 2015

Donation of Note books to Snehalaya by ‎Babalu Laxman Gauda.

Sharing you a small human interest story. ‎Babalu Laxman Gauda was in Snehalaya for small time as student. His mother Smt.Sharada Gauda is with Snehalaya as a volunteer of Snehjyot project since last 13 yrs. She is our one of the best peer educater in the red light areas. She had contributed her peace of land for Snehalaya's Balbhavan Project in santoshi Mata Nagar, Katraj in Pune. Babalu after completing his 12th, now a days doing small laborious is Babalu's birthday. Babalu came to Snehalaya with his first income of life and contributed rupees 10,000,/- for the educational expences of the children in Snehalaya who are  seeking admissions for vocational courses.
What we  sow,it grows naturally and benefits to our mission in a big way.
Lokesh Mehtani is a philanthropic young businessman‎ from Bhingar suburban of Ahmednagar. He had started from scratch and today is a trusted name in construction. He is a regular donor of milk to our  Snehankur Project. Yesterday, he came with his 30 like minded friends to Snehalaya, shown all the initiatives, then contributed 6 note books to each to  our 300 students. He declared that all the birth dates and anniversories of all his friend circle will be celebrated in Snehalaya by shramadan and contributions in kind. Also he assured to share educational material to students in Balbhavans.
Rohit Pardeshi our volunteer has introduced Lokesh a year ago. Now Lokesh has connected like minded 30 families. This is an example how even an introduction of like minded friends benefits to our cause.
Wishing all happy Father's day. Attached a photos of Babalu and Lokesh.
Regards From Snehalaya Family.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Snehalaya's Success in HSC & SSC Exam

Dear Well Wisher,
You will be pleased to know that HSC (Higher Secondary SSC students of Snehalaya, have done us a great pride by posting excellent results this year. Please read the below report for details.
We take this opportunity to thank all our respected donors and well-wishers from all corners for their continuous support. We owe and dedicate this success to all of you.

Warm regards,
Ambadas Chauhan
Chief Operating Officer

Snehalaya HSC students secure 100% & SSC students post 88% results

We are feeling very happy and proud to share our HSC and SSC students results of the academic year 2014-15 with all our well-wishers.
Snehalaya is running several projects including Rehabilitation Center for children in red light areas and HIV postive kids and Balbahvan for slum children. This year 6 students for HSC and 34 studetns for SSC from Rehab. Center were appeared at the same time 44 students for HSC and 71 students for SSC from Balbhavan were appeared. 
All out of 155 , 135 students have posted highly impressive results. .
The toppers are as follows:

Project Name
Name of student
Mark Obtained %

  Rehab Center


Pooja Shinde
Rushikesh Sagarale
Manisha Aher

Priyanka Shendage
Anita Gaikwad
Savita Rothe


Rahul Bhore
Shubhagi Bhandare
Swati Chippa

Abhishek Gavali
Mukta Lokhande
Anjali Kate

It is noteworthy that the students with HIV/AIDs & having very poor economic background of their family who had appeared for the HSC and SSC exam this year have secured first class by overcoming all their problems in day today life.
Our students had special support and guidance from all the teaching and non-teaching and care giving staff especially Mr. Vaijnath Lohar, Hanif Tamboli etc. Our President, Secretary and all other trustees, well wishers and donors have congratulated the students for their glorious performance.