Friday, April 2, 2010

Two daughters of Snehalaya start a new life (Feb 2009)

Ahmednagar Feb. 16th, 2009

Ms. Jyoti Khandizod (22 yrs.) and Ms. Sonali Autade (25 yrs), students of Snehalaya got married today with Mr. Suraj Kulkarni (25 yrs.) and Mr. Sanjay Joshi (30 yrs) respectively.

All the volunteers of Snehalaya and people from various walks of life have attended the marriage ceremony at Dharmpuri Temble at Nimbalak three Kms. away from Snehalaya's rehab. center.Jyoti is a raped victim; Snehalaya encouraged her and convinced to start new life. She has completed the Nurse Aid course working in nehalaya's Snehankur Adoption Center.Sonali is from red light area and she has taken the responsibility as a care taker of new born babies living in Snehankur Adoption Center. Mr. Sanjay Joshi is working as a Sub-Editor of daily Samachar, one of the prominent newspapers and Mr. Suraj Kulkarni is grown up in orphanage named Nihar, Pune and since last 6 years he is living in Snehalaya and taken the responsibility of 'vehicle Dept.' Mr. Anil Bhaiya Rathod, MLA, Mr. B.I. Kendre, Add. Collector, Mrs. Manjiri Manolkar, Dy, Collector, Mr. Anna Kotakar, President, Dharmpuri temple and all the trustees, numerous volunteers and more than 1500 well-wishers of snehalaya were present for the marriage ceremony.

The prominent personalities in Ahmednagar district blessed the newly married couples.

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