Friday, April 2, 2010

HIV children at Snehalaya have a day full of Joy (Dec 2008)

It was 1st, December 2008 a usual common day for all others but it has become a memorable day of joy for the HIV positive children of Snehalaya.  The credit goes to the team of Cummins Generator Technologies at Ahmednagar.  The staff of Cummins decided, designed and executed a plan of making a significant difference at least for one day in the lives of HIV positive children in Snehalaya.

Cummins Generator Technology, Ahmednagar is keeping a close touch with Snehalaya's different activities since last five years.  They arranged horse riding, camel riding for the children.  Micky-Mouse was ready for entertainment of children.  The programme was started at 4 O,clock in the evening with drawing competition, musical chair competition etc.  
All the children took part in the competition.  The children, who have performed better, received awards.  Then children enjoyed the delicious food with sweetmeat.  The most joyful part for the children was cultural programmes. The inmate of Snehalaya enjoyed   the huge dance party and for two hours HIV positive children have lost in a heaven of joy on the music.

Mr. Pravin Paritkar, Manager H.R., Mr. Ganesh Zapake, Plant Manager, Mr. Shivambar Pratap Singh, Ms. Sonal Magar and more that 25 staff members were present for the programme. Mr. Ambadas Chavan gave the vote of thanks.

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