Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trust Act Provisions and Responsibilities – Informative Workshop organized by Snehalaya

Snehalaya had organized the workshop on subject “Trust Act Provisions and Responsibilities” on 2nd February 2014 for its associated nonprofit organizations and concern staff. Mr.Ashok Kurapatti, a founder member of Snehalaya organization was a speaker of this workshop. He is a well experienced and has deep knowledge of Bombay Trust Act 1950 and Cooperative Act as well.
The workshop included the following topics of interest: Brief Introduction, History of Trust Act, Sections and Sub-sections within the Act (Section 40,41, Income Tax section 11, 12, 80, 22), etc,.
The key issue was “Change in Report’s Process and Compliances”. Notably – Investment by Trust and NGO Accounting and Annual Auditing was also focused in discussion.
Anamprem, Account Dept, Project Asst. Director, Project Manager and Admin were also among the participants for this workshop.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Anti-Human Trafficking Movement by Snehalaya

Human trafficking is a booming international trade, making billions of dollars at the expense of millions of victims, many of them children, who are robbed of their dignity and freedom. Although most of us have never witnessed this crime, it happens every day all around the world.Teamwork is vital if we want to take the fight against human trafficking to new levels.With this Snehalaya have started the movement to fight against Human Trafficking across the state.

The movement started on 10th February 2014 from Ranjangaon town(Pune) and got a huge response from the participants. There was a meeting with the delegates like Pathania Madam (Chaitanya Mahila Mandal),Shri Gulabrao Poal Commissioner of Police, Pune & Pl Mr. Sanjay Nlkam ,  Mrs. Sushama Chavan, in the afternoon and in the evening they organized four programs at Budhwar Peth (Red Light Area). Many questions were raised by the participants regarding the rehabilitation in Snehalaya . Moving ahead on 12th February the Anti Trafficking movement was organized in various colleges, on streets, Pune Station, Shivajinagar Station, Swarget and Kedgaoun choufula. On12th Feb going ahead in Solapur District where Kranti Mahila Sangh also participated in the movement and visited various colleges&institutes to convey the message against Human Trafficking.On 14th Feb the Sensitization program was held at Beed  city organized by Beed Child line. More than 100 students and staff members were present in the program and the other one was also arranged at Mauli Kala Mahavidyalaya. Moving ahead on 15th Feb the team have visited the Red Light Area to share the concept of minor free brothel to the brothel owner and got a positive response from them. Than the team reached at Gevrai, in Gevrai the programs were organized in many rural schools and also in the Pharmacy College. The cooperation of school,college students and the principals were really appreciable. After the all sessions the team was got many valuable suggestions which will surely help in future.The movement is lead by Snehalaya's team including Kundan Pathare,Hanif Shaikh, Pravin Mutyal ,Navnath Lokhande,etc. 

   The movement is still going will update you with the ongoing activities of the Snehalaya team.