Monday, October 31, 2011

Precious Donation

Snehalaya is having few big donors who are supporting few projects of Snehalaya but we have large band of small donors building and enlarging the social support for the cause. 

Since inception, Snehalaya is regularly getting the small donations by the prostitutes.  Most of them are setting aside 1 rupee or 2 rupees behind every customer.  They used to insist us to use this amount for education of the children sheltered in Snehalaya and for the treatment of the HIV positive women in prostitution.  Even today this tradition is continued, some prostitutes have actually left the prostitution on inspiration by Snehalaya because Snehalaya all the time give them pledge that, though they are prostitute today, will not die as a prostitute and try to change their own life. 

Some of our sisters not only left the prostitution but also contributed their life earning to ‘their’ Snehalaya.  The contribution of Mrs. Abeda humbled everyone and proved intense gratitude and sensitivity towards the inmates of Snehalaya.   

Mrs. Abed Yekin Shaikh, the former prostitute has shown her faith in Snehalaya and donated two rooms of 500 sq. feet (Survey no. 67, nr. Santoshi Mata Temple, Katraj, Pune) for the new project in Pune at Katraj.  Mrs. Abeda is connected with Snehalaya since long time.  She is the witness of the selfless humanitarian work being done by Snehalaya.  She wished to donate the piece of land to Snehalaya in Katraj.  There are several colonies of migrant laborers and economically poor people etc.  It is such a place where the intervention in child rights and child protection is needed.  Mrs. Abeda recognized it and decided to donate the land to Snehalaya to start the project for the children.   

It is the grate and precious donation ever we have received because there is a passion and faith behind it.  Mrs. Abeda believes that she has tried to pay back to Snehalaya whatever she has got till today. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Helping Hand of Daily Loksatta

Daily Loksatta had taken the initiative to mediate the potential donors, philanthropists and the dedicated social organizations in Maharashtra through publishing the innovations and dedicated work of the various organizations for the underprivileged human beings during Ganesh Festival under the title ‘Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada’. 

Daily Loksatta also included Snehalaya and given wide publicity in Maharashtra State, appealing for the donations on the occasion of Ganesh Festival.   The people from all over Maharashtra were enquiring about Snehalaya and wiling to extend the support through various ways e.g. volunteering, donating in kind or cash etc.  Many people came and visited Snehalaya after the articles appeared in the newspaper. Loksatta converted their district offices in the donation collection centers and shouldered the responsibility to the editor to collect the cheques of the donations. 

Loksatta organized a programme on 19.10.2011 at Express Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai to distribute the collected donations to the respective organizations.  Mr. Devasthali, Chairman of Larson and Tubro (L&T) was the chief guest of the programme.  Mr. Girish Kuber, Chief Editor, Loksatta interviewed the representatives of organizations as well as the other people who were participated in the programme asked the questions to them.     

Mr. Milind Kulkarni, Secrerary and Mrs. Jaya Jogdand accepted the donation Rs. 192000 by the hands of Mr. Devasthali.  Mrs. Jaya Jogdand expressed gratitude on behalf of Snehalaya.    

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inauguration of Kalpak Balbhavan

We all are well aware about the problems in slums.  Snehalaya has started working with the slum children since last 8 years through its Balbhavan project, currently 1300 children (child beggars, child labors, rag pickers, children in conflict with law, school drop-outs etc.) are attending Balbahvan. 
Balbhavan has recently conducted survey to know the need of the similar type of work in various slums and identified two major slums.

On 24th, October 2011, sixth branch of Balbhavan project has been started in Sarjepura slum.  The local community has shown the interest to involve in the activity.  First time, the local people organized the whole programme.  The eminent personalities like Mr. Arif Shaikh local Corporater, Dr. Vijay Patil, Dr. Mahesh and Dr. Anshu Muley, Mr. Nirmal Gandhi and Dr. Suhas Ghule were present for the programme.  They appreciated the efforts of Bahlbhavan project and assured to extend all sort of assistance to Balbhavan.    

The representative of the local community gave the vote of thanks to the guests.   The new Balbhavan has been named as ‘Kalpak Balbhavan’.       

Inauguration of Parivartan Sankul at Shevgaon

Snehalaya has started the Parivatan Kendras in all the major red light areas of Ahmednagar district.  Shivnagar in Shevgaon is one of the potential red light areas to work with.  More than 250 women in prostitution are living in Shivnagar red light area.  Snehalaya is working in Shivnagar since last 10 years.  The work began with the children in the red light area.  Then we have started STI clinic, Counseling center, DOTS Center, anti-trafficking center, pre-primary school in the rented house. 

Caring Friends, Mumbai supported Snehalaya to build our own center on 4000 sq. feet piece of land.  Now the well equipped clinic, Drop-In-Center, counseling Center, vocational training center etc. is ready to serve the beneficiaries. 

The inauguration ceremony was held on 27th, October 2011 in the presence of Ms. Florence Koenderink from Holland, Mr. Arun Lande, President of Shevgaon Panchayat Samiti, Dr. Laddha, Dr. Meghatai Kambale, Mr. Suvalal Shingavi and Dr. Girish Kulkarni.  400 women in prostitution from all over district were present for the programme.