Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stiching Geron visits Snehalaya (Nov 2005)

Ahmedangar, Date: 4/11/05
The three guests from the Netherlands visited various projects of Snehalaya mainly in red light areas and the slums in district.   They appreciated the involvement of youth volunteers in a huge numbers in all the activities.
Dr. Annekoos, Mr. Bastiaan, and Mr. Taco were the representatives of the Stichting  Geron a trust founded by Dr. Nicolas Nobel, from the Netherlands who supports various NGOs in India ( specially working in red light areas in India) .
The Rotary club of Ahmedangar Midtown organised a get together with purpose at the Snehalaya rehabilitation centre, on third of Nov. the Programme was memorable becauise of the various cultural presentations ( songs and dances of the HIV Positive children.  The Rotary club after listening  the activities of the Snehalaya decided to involve in the activities in some of the new slum areas of Ahmedangar.  The guests also visited Snehalaya's new site about five k.m. away from the present rehabilitation project at Nimbalak.  All including the members of the Rotary club assured to support in new project specially design for HIV affected children and women in red light areas.

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