Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inaguration of 3rd Balbhavan by Dr Subba Rao (Oct 2005)

Dr. S.N. Subba Rao, the literal fredom fighter and Gandhian is coming to Ahmednagar District on 3rd, Octo. for his three days visit.  Snehalaya has organised  and coordinated all his programmes.  The youth convention is organized on third October at Municipal Council Hall.   Dr. Rao will have a dialogue with  the 300 youths attached to various humanitarian work of Snehalaya.  Dr. Rao will present the Sarvadharma Prarthana and the inmate of the Snehalaya will present the programme of Bharat Ki Santan.  Snehalaya has involved more than 20 NGO's working in various fields in this programme.  Father Alex Gonsalvis, the founder of Bosco Rural Development centre situated in Ahamednagar.  He has received this year's Indira Priyadarshani Award by the central Govt. for his work in rural development  Mr.  Alex will be awarded a scroll of honor by Dr. Rao in the function.  Dr. Rao has inspired lakhs of youths to serve the nation  selflessly in the past six decades.  He has taken hundreds of  youth camps in the areas where the communal riots  have created hatred among the communities.  Dr. Rao has created peace and trust  again in the society with the help of sensitized youths.  Ahmednagar is infamous for communal riots since last 20 years, hence the visit of Dr,. Rao will be help full in changing the mood of the city on 4th of October.  Dr. Rao will visit different educational institutions and the areas where the communal tension is the usual part of the life.  
On 5th, October, Dr. Rao will formally inaugurate Snehalaya's Balbhavan No. 3 at Borkar nagar slum neighboring to Pemraj Sarda  College.  There also he will address the youth convention.  The programme will be presided by Mr. Brijlalji Sarda, The chairman of Hind Seva Mandal.  We are expecting the involvement of some more zealous youths in our different programmes in red light areas and slums.

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