Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snehalaya intervenes to stop obsence dancing in Rural fairs (Nov 2005)

Ahmedangar, Date : 4/11/05

A complain  has been given today to district Police chief for an obscene dances presently performing in rural areas in Ahmedangar District by Snehalaya.
Snehalaya received a complained on anonymous phone that, the obscene dances were presented in some of the rural areas by the dancing groups from Mumbai.  After a keen search it was found that, under the banner of Tamasha ( Rural traditional Marathi theater ), the group of five former dancing bar girls from Mumbai were performing the stage shows in the rural area.  The Snehalaya team visited one of the place at village Bodhegaon, Tehsil Shevgaon, 80 k.m. away from Ahmednagar.  In last week the dancing bar girls were presenting the dances like a dancing bars in Mumbai in obscene costumes,  the show is of only fifteen minutes ten and twenty rupees were the tickets for the three hindi songs on which dances were performed.  The sixty percent crowd was between the 18 to 25 and the scene was like a dance bars in Mumbai.  The girls told the representatives that they have returned from Mumbai after a ban imposed on the dancing bars by the state Govt.  They do not find any suitable option hence they have collaborated with a small Tamash Party and presenting the dances.   They also admitted that  the crowd of children below 18 years of age is attending the shows, but they have no control over the admission of their show.  Snehalaya demanded the District Police Chief to have the observation of all the moving Tamasha theaters usually  set up at the village annual fair site.

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