Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sex workers donate to Mumbai Flood victims (Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar Dt. 4/8/05
                    The prostitutes of Ahmednagar have donated their one day earnings of 31st July 2005, for the flood victims in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, Rs. 2001 were contributed by the prostitutes of Bhagat galli and Mamte galli and handover to Mr. Umakant Dangat , the District Collector, Mrs. Lata Pawar and Mrs. Gita More the volunteers of Snehalaya assured Mr. Dangat to donate at least Rs. 15,000 within a week from all the Red light areas of Ahmednagar District.

The prostitute also requested to the District collector Mr. Damgat that they can go to any place in Maharashtra and Mumbai to help the flood victims with their own cost.  This was the first help from the society for the flood victims, expressing the unique compassion for our brothers and sisters, who are affected.  The Ahmednagar Merchant's Association also inspired by this contribution and immediately donated the food packs and more materials costing more than one and half lacks. The inspired college students of Pemraj Sarda College and New Arts, Commerce and Science College have colleted small contribution from their premises and donated for the chief Minister's relief fund, small candle lighted by the prostitutes, the most exploited, hatred, and neglected, lower class of our society has created the ray of hope and inspiration for the whole society.

                   Snehalaya works for protection of the prostitutes and offering them their fundamental rights according to the constitution of India.  At the same time Snehalaya feels that the feel of responsibility of  a true citizens and practice of fundamental duties is more impotent and essential part of the work.  Snehalaya gives the information and victim women have so moto and immediately contributed for the flood victims.  Previously the prostitutes also donated their one day earnings for Tsunami victims, Gujarat earthquake and communal riot, Kargil war victim, Orissa cyclone victims and Mumbai Bomb blast victims etc.   The most of the prostitutes are H.I.V. affected, and struggling for survival, even though their feeling to serve the humanity is unique, appreciable and practicable.

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