Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Medha Patkar addresses at Samwad Sabha (May 2005)

  On 14 May 2005. Snehalaya arranged speech of Mrs. Medha Patkar ( a well known social worker )  for the various NGOs. and citizens working on the issues of children. Mr. Mohan Mandhana was the chief guest of the program. Observation home, Yatimkhana, Balikashram, Nagarik Kriti Manch, Rashtra Seva Dal, Chaitanya Foundation, R.D.R.C.C. Snehalay and many more organizations were attended the meet, called 'Samwad  Sabha'.
About 550 people were attended the meet .  Dr. Girish Kulkarni ( Director ) welcomed Mr. Patkar and requested to guide.  All the institutions and people were concern to children and their various types of problems.

Mrs. Patkar focused on the 'migration' of the parents which ultimately creates the illiteracy, bad habits, poverty etc. Children are the future of India, She mentioned that, Maharashtra Govt. has decided to eliminate slums in Mumbai, that is the reason of about one lack children has thrown out the schools in slums in Mumbai. So she has decided to fight against the decision.  

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