Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snehalaya helps release of wrongly charged women prisioners (Nov 2005)

Ahmednagar :  Dt. 22/11/05

Snehalaya volunteers became the guarantors for the victims women caught by Police under the Mumbai Police Act(clauses 110,117).

It is a usual wrong practice of the police to hold the victim women ( Prostitutes ) at mid night from their houses and file a fake case under the above mentioned Bombay Police act. The act bans the soliciting at public places to the women. But Police pick up the women when they were in their houses with their children, Snehalaya has decided to protest this custom by challenging the injustice.  Snehalaya volunteers have given the guarantee of eight women yesterday ( Dt. 22/11/05) and the women told the reality to the Judge.  Usually prostitutes, though the reality is different, accepts the charge of soliciting on public places and pay the fine up to Rs. 1500.  They also have to pay bribe to police and mediators up to  Rs.1000.
Ultimately they caught by private money lenders, the brothel keepers, the hotel and Dhaba owners for the further exploitation, Snehalaya fought such type of injustice for more that 16 times in last eight years.  But now the time has come to restart the fight, the application has also given to the police chief, requesting the legal action aginst the brothel keepers, Dhaba and Hotel owners, pimps under the ITPA ( Immoral trafficking prevention Act 1986) as they are doing a serious crime by running the brothel and exploiting the women and children rather than the victim women.  In previous protest, Snehalaya won the cases as police could not prove charges they have mentioned in the charge sheet under the Mumbai Police act.  This time the history will repeat.

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