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A ray of hope in the life of Anita, rescued succesfully ( Aug 2005)

Ahmednagar Dt. 26/8/05,

A ray of hope emerged in the life of Anita (name changed ) when Snehalaya's 'Mukti Wahini'  rescued and protected her by combating the brothel keeper and his gunds on the evening of 23 August 2005.  The local police of Kotwali Police station yet not responed properly to the application of Anita and the Snehalaya.  The senior Police Officers were all busy in the Gram Panchayat elections. Hence the criminal brothel keeper and their gunds are  free till today.  Snehalaya has decided to raise the issue to NCW ( National Commission for women ), MSCW ( Maharashtra State Commission for Women ), NHRC (National Human Rights Commission ) through the network of NACSET (Network Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking ). 
Anita is the daughter of Beedi worker  from the backward community.  Her addict father, ill mother  and four starving younger brothers  and sisters forced her to beg on streets of Ahmednagar.  Ultimately  Anita left  her education when she was in sixth Std. and known as one of the brilliant students of the Municipal School No. 3.  Laxmibai Bhaurao Rathod, a notorious brothel keeper trapper her and forced her for prostitution when she was just 12 years old. Her parents beg Laxmibai for their daughter, but threatened to do the same with their other children by Laxmibai and ran away to Solapur for saving the life of other children.  They were illiterate and unfortunately could not reach to Police and any NGO at that time.  Helpless Anita tried to escape several times but unfortunately caught by the pimps of  Laxmibai.  For many days she has to starve for her crime of attempting to escape.  The more inhuman atrocities experienced by Anita in last seven years after each attempt of escape.  She was forced to stand naked in the square of the red light area.  A mirch powder was put in to her genitals by force.  Thrice she was beaten badly that her leg and hands were fractured.
Four years ago she was found HIV Positive when she was admitted to one of the trust hospital by the Snehalaya. 

 Snehalaya fought a long battle with Laxmibai,  her pimps and goons since last eleven years. Seven girls were rescued in the past from the possession of Laxmibai  by Snehalaya in 1999.  Laxmibai was behind the bars for two years for trafficking of minor for flesh trade under the ITPA.  Snehalaya persuaded for the order of Tadipar ( banning her to stay in and around Ahmednagar District.)  but the efforts were unsuccsseed  due to the support of political bigwigs and the criminals in illegal trades.  The order is pending till today.  Snehalaya also tried to rescue Anita for several times but few times Anita was very much threatened by Laxmibai.  Most of the times Police has shaked hands with Laxmibai  and the mission failed. 
On 23 August 2005 Anita reached to Snehalaya office in front of Chitra Talkies to save her life. She was  suffering from high temperature,  harpies, tuber-celosias and sexually transmitted diseases.  She has a fracture in her right hand and wounds on head.  Anita told Snehalaya volunteers that Laxmibai has forced her to attend the customers but her physical condition is unbearable.  Laxmibai started beating her for not attending the customers.  Anita requested Snehalaya to save her life.  Immediately Laxmibai along with her four goons reached to Snehalaya office and started abusing and beating Anita and Snehalaya worker too who were trying to protect Anita.  Snehalaya's volunteers telephoned Kotwali Police station immediately but as usual Police were busy in 'Bandobust'  Snehalaya's Muktiwahini members reached at the office, discussed the matter in two minutes and later unitedlly  reacted by the same way.  The scene changed when Muktiwahini team aggressively reacted and thrown away Laxmibai along with her goons, later The Muktiwahini team reached to Kotwali Police station at 6.30 pm. with Anita to register the complaint.  A return letter was given to Police sation to apply ITPA.  MCOCA and the atrocities act on Laxmibai and her goons.  The Police Inspector met us on 1 pm on 21 August. The NC ( non cognagible offence )was  registered against Laxmibai.  Lator the team met the Dy.S.P. Mr. Ramakant Jawale and others for the serious action. Every one said," wait. We are on Bundobust of Gram Panchayat elections and available only  after first September." The battle is going on.  Anita is in Snehalaya.  Quite happy. Getting the treatment all diseases.  Experiencing the liberty for the first time in her life.

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