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Mukund Nagar Youths and Students pledge for positive change (Sep 2005)

Ahmednagar : Dt. 9/9/05

The youths and students of Mukund nagar, the black listed area of Ahmednagar city ( for continuous communal riots, bloodshed crimes, murders and involvement of local juveniles in the major crimes ) have decided to change the image of this area and their adjoined future.
Today the Snehalaya Parivar has given the pledge in this regard to the gathered youths and the students.
Mukund nagar is locally known as ' Pakistan' as there is about ten thousand Muslim population situated there.  This is newly developed area since last  15 years on the north side of Ahmednagar city.  Mostly the Muslim families, below poverty line migrated there, from the expensive city area.  The roads are bad.  The electricity, water and civil systems are collapsed.  The worst thing is there is only one school, Padmashree Vikhe Vidyalaya, where only 360 students are admitted  till today.  It is not even the thirty percent admissions of the eligible students   There is huge upsenty of the students due to social problems, mentality and the poverty.  The illiterate parents are also ignoring their children's education.  There were four murders, six communal riots, several crimes, eight criminal incidents due to one sided love, seizing the stocks of country liquor and narcotics for more than ten times in last one and half year.  Most of the Hindu families and educated Muslim families too migrated from Mukund nagar because of these incidents.  The noted dons of Ahmednagar region stays in Mukund nagar and even Police are afraid of entering there without arms and a group.   

Snehalaya met Mr. S.K. Gadekar, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Sayyad Afzal, Asif Sultan, Dr. Rizwan Shaikh, Jahid Khan and other  members of the organization ' Movement for Peace and Justice' to discuss the condition of Mukund nagar.  Todays programme was the out come of the discussion and the long term planning of Snehalaya.

The Snehalaya volunteers Mr. Mahemud Nadaf. Jabbar Shaikh, Ashok Bargal, Mukesh Gandhe, Suvita Kodam, Ambadas Chavan, Girish Kulkarni talked to all the students and also with the youths gathered in Padmashri Vikhe School in 'Bal and Yuva Samvad' in different sessions and on different topics.  Even the speakers were the silent listeners when the students and the youths expressed their problems and the grievances.  this is a long term process to change the thinking and the social environment of Mukund nagar.  But the initiative has been taken today by the Snehalaya Pariwar  by arrenging the 'Bal and Yuva Samva' here.  The planning of sparing at least two hours on every Sunday was unanimously accepted.   Snehalaya will arrange different speakers on the subjects of the choices of the youths and mainly the students .     

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