Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Child rights sensitization programme for 62 NGOs (Nov 2005)

Snehalaya has played a key role of the host, while arranging a sensitization workshop for the NGOs in Ahmedagnar district, about the various laws related to the children. The workshop was organised on 15 and 16 Nov. the district Collector Mr. Umakant Dangat, Mrs. Prajakta Lawangare, the chief executive officer of Z.P., Mr. R.S. Gimekar the chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr. P.K. Gore, the district women and child development officer, were present at the inaugural session.  The expert resource persons have given guidance on :
1.    The Juvenile justice( care and protection) act 2000.
2.    The Hindu adoption Act 1956
3.    The immoral trafficking prevention Act 1986.
4.    Mumbai Child beggars prohibition act 1959.
5.    Laws related with orphanages and trust 1960.
6.    Child marriage prohibition act1929.
7.    Dowry Act 1961.
The 180 representatives of more than 62 NGOs were present at the workshop.  They have shown satisfaction that for the first time they were sensitized on the very important subject.  The Ahmednagar CHILDLINE, run by Snehalaya distributed the literature about the child rights and child protection to all the NGOs.  The CDs regarding the child rights were also distributed to them.

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