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A freedom figher inspires 4000 youths and children (Oct 2005)

Ahmednagar : Date: 22/10/05

      Dr. S.N. Subbarao, a veteran freedom fighter, noted Gandhian and the founder of the National Youth Project spend almost three days in Ahmednagar district this  month.  Snehalaya organized all his programmes in the district, involving the like minded NGO's and the senior members of the N.Y.P. in the district.  The three days stay, the various programmes and interaction with youth created an inspiration among the youths from the district, the pride for the nation concern for the social change and believing in the practice rather than precept were the change even the prominent media of the region observed and coated this change among the youths.
     Dr. Subbarao ( Bhaiji) gave a green signal on 20th, September that he is coming to Ahmednagar district for three days.  Bhaiji was invited by us since a long time to interaction with youths in the district.  Bhaiji  ( age 80 yrs.) joined the freedom struggle in the very early age when Mahatma Gandhi launched a movement of ' Chhodo Bharat ' in 1942.  After receiving the degree in  law like his father, he has decided to serve the nation in 1945.  He has not involved in power politics as mere political power  can not change the present and future basic issues in front of Indian society.  This thought inspired Dr. Subbarao for  pure efforts of nation building. 
    Bhaiji convinced more than 700 dacoits  in Chambal Ghati and rehabilitated them in 1940.  He has taken thousands of youths camps all over the country and inspired more than  five lakh youths for the grass root social work.
He has also denied many awards as he thinks that,  the work of nation building has not yet ended.
Community Harmony
    Bhaiji addressed a huge youth rally along with other programmes in   Ahmednagar Council Hall. More than 600 hundreds youths of all cast and communities gathered to listen him.  Ahmednagar is badly known the  communal clashes since last two decides.  Pointing the backlog on economical and social fronts.  Bhaiji appealed the youths for taking the  initiative for communal harmony in historical city of Ahmeangar.  All the youths sing a group song ' Ek dulara , desh hamara'  along with Bhaiji.  The Mayer of the city Mr. Bhagawan Fulsaundar, the freedom fighters of the city offered a scroll of honor on behalf of the people of Ahmednagar and Municipal Corporation.
            Bhaiji honored Brother Alex Gonsalvis, the founder of Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra for his outstanding contribution in rural development.
The poet Mr. M.B. Chavan honored for his poems on Mahatma Gandhi and nation Building by Bhaiji.
              Bhaiji went to Snehalaya at the late evening and addressed all the senior citizens in the city.  Bhaiji appealed to spare the remaining life for support the activities initiated by the youths.
             On 4th, October Bhaiji inaugurated the district office of the N.Y.P. more than 100 volunteers gathered to listen him.  Bhaiji went to visit few veteran freedom fighters. Press conference was excellent as all the prominent media persons had attended it. In two hours press conference Bhaiji said there are role models available even today around you , the media should give proper expose to such role models and grass root works.  Media should not give the publicity to negative sensitive issues for the betterment of the society.  In the evening Bhaiji visited Bhingar camp the suburban of Ahmednagar, more than 2000 people gathered to listen him, the show of 'Bharat ki Santan'  presented by  Bhaiji, has received many once more with humble deny by Bhaiji.
              Bhaiji went to Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra to visit the rural development projects, more than 80 representatives of various NGO's in Ahmednagar district were present at the moment. Bhaiji planted a tree and gave the inspiring speech along with the song for the nation. 
             Bhaiji inaugurated the Balbhavan in Borkarnagar slum.  Snehalaya and Childline are jointly looking after the Balbhavan, where more than 200  children are benefited and satisfying their health and educational needs.  Bhaiji gave several balloons to slum children for playing also had a group song in the slum, for the first time the children were singing a song for the nation. 
              In Pemraj Sarada College Bhaiji  gave a memorable speech and pledge to 800 youths to serve the nation in their golden young age.  Bhaiji went Laltaki slum also to talk to children and youths there. 
              On fifth Bhaiji visited Vambori.  He addressed all the 1650 school children in Mahesh Munot High School.  All the villagers offered a scroll of honor to him in the premises of Gram Panchayat  Mr. Babasaheb Bhite the president of Ahmednagar Zilha Parishad and Gorakhbhai Vetal President National Youth Project Ahmednagar District. several other presented on the occasion.
              Bhaiji went to Delhi on fifth October, leaving behind the great inspiration for the youths in the district.

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