Thursday, September 9, 2010

Snehalaya's Satyagraha forced Police to file F.I.R., Rapists Arrested.

Ahmednagar, 9th Sept.
She came to Snehalaya's office bear footed along with her two kids a week ago. She came from Newase, a historical  city about 60 k.m away from Ahmednagar. Newase is the  birth place of "Dnyaneshwari" (The first translation of "Bhagwatgita" in Marathi language by Saint Dnyneshwar  in 12th centaury) . 

Her grievance was unbelievable. She told that she is about 25 yrs old. Her family is staying in the slum area of Newase. The area is dominated by the Anna Lakshare gang involved in illegal sand lifting from the river Pravara and trade of local made Pistols.  She was gang raped by a criminal gang of Anna Lakshare, a noted mafia. Anna is a political big wig, member of Panchayat Samiti and office bearer of a noted political party . Anna is already facing more than a dozen serious types of criminal cases. This incident of gang rape happened in the last week of march 2010. Sachin Bansode, Devidas Limbare & few others from Lakshare gang have gang raped her. After this incident,  she went to police station at Newase with her husband. But Lakshare threatened them with a gun. Hence, they couldn’t register the F.I.R. Later on her husband committed a suicide by hanging him self on 31st march 2010. No political party or leader has yet raised the voice for this woman due to the threat of Lakshare gang. 
Since Anna was arrested by police in the previous cases, she has raised a courage. She came to Snehalaya asking the help. 

Verifying and  considering the seriousness of the atrocity, snehalaya boosted her moral. Advised her to meet Mr. Krushna Prakash, the new police chief of Ahmednagar district. Mr. Krushna Prakash listened the matter, scolded the Newase police station and F.I.R was lodged. The three rapists were immediately arrested and they were given police custody for further investigation. 

Snehalaya has provided protection of volunteers to her after the F.I.R. Then  convinced  her to stay in Snehalaya's center with her kids for safety of life protection and brightening the future of the kids. Snehalaya has brought all her relatives to center to show them the facilities of English medium school and quality shelter. Our volunteers met the Tehsiladar, Police Inspector and the civil society members at Newase . Appealed them to be active against the antisocial tendencies.  

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