Friday, September 17, 2010

"Now my thinking cap is on .......!" - Violet Ryder (England)

Hello !!

I wanted to write and make contact. To say thank you so much for our stay and for your generosity as our host.

Since coming back home my thoughts have remained ever present with Snehalaya, and with the two weeks experience we had there. Never have I been somewhere who's heart was so full. Somewhere where from the moment I set foot in Harry's and my number 4 room, to the moment I climbed in the car to say goodbye, I felt so wholeheartedly accepted. What all of the staff at Snehalaya have accomplished through their mutual goal of bringing a better life to the women and children there is beyond what I could ever have anticipated. My heart has been topped up by the warmth and excitement of these children and my faith in humanity has been given a huge nudge into seeing just what can be done with the right philosophy and unceasing dedication from all involved.
So now my thinking cap is on. Any way that I can help raise funds and raise awareness I will.

Of course, right now, my thoughts are on the fundraiser. But I will continue to think of ways we can get the message of Snehalaya across in the best and truest way possible to England and the UK.

I will be in touch. I am eternally grateful to have come into contact with such genuine diamonds of people.

Lots of love,

Violet Ryder


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