Monday, September 13, 2010

"I really moved" Experience of Natalie Taylor (Australia) with Snehalaya.

Coming to volunteer at Snehalaya has been one of the most eye opening and exciting experiences I have had.
My life in London (& now Melbourne) is often taken up by work commitments and dramas with family & friends. Without thinking, life can become very small and selfish only dealing with those who are immediately around us and giving no time to thinking about those who are less fortunate.
When Miranda came to visit  me in February and explained about the work of Snehalaya, I was instantly interested. As a younger person (in my teenage years) I had planned to spend my life trying to make the world a better place. However, when I got my first job in the film industry at 18yrs old, I enjoyed the work so much I let the idea of helping others fade away.
My time at Snehalaya has reminded me how important it is to try to make a positive impact in the world. Spending time with children who despite an incredibly difficult start in life still have such a capacity for joy, it is truly a magical experience. The team who have built such an atmosphere of love are an inspiration to us all. I think I will always feel a little humbled by each staff member who has chosen to dedicate themselves to improving the lives of those around them. I enjoyed every minute in their company and although I plan to return to Snehalaya, I feel like I shall always cherish this first experience the most.
It is difficult to gauge how others back in Australia will react to my enthusiastic reports of Snehalaya.
Some people find it very hard to consider others, particularly if those people are so far away.
I can however tell you that Snehalaya has touched my heart very deeply and that I am happy to commit to being a dedicated supporter. In the short time that has passed since I left I am already planning various strategies to raise funds and encourage other to come and visit the centre. Miranda, Harry and myself plan to keep in touch will all progress regarding fund raising ideas, developments in actually getting money across to Snehalaya and of course the complication of the volunteer film. As a team I think we will be able to lean on each other to build a stronger support that will hopefully offer a greater impact in what we can achieve for you.
This is an exciting time for us all and I look forward to continuing a long and happy relationship with all at Snehalaya.

All the best,

Nat Taylor
+44 (0)7870 603 677

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