Wednesday, May 2, 2012

English Medium School Changes Lives

The story belongs to an innocent boy, Rohit Prakash Bhandare. He lived in Sanjaynagar slum area in Ahmednagar city. Rohit has four sisters, two brothers. His mother does a minor work for livelihood and his father is a drug addict. The family environment is always stressful, not conducive to the development of the children and the family is not educated.     
Rohit is 6 years old and studying in 1st in Snehalaya’s English Medium School. Rohit is a calm boy in nature. He has not much interest in studies but is good in sports. He is also an expert in making instruments. The reason behind his poor interest in studies is that Rohit has not had enough help and support in education.

Schools most focus on overall child development with subjects like English, maths, computers, value ads, work ads, general knowledge, physical ads, drawing and crafts. In school, we must encourage the students for development in skills and virtues and also consider our students' interests while teaching. This system is commonly successful and effective in student progress and exactly the same has happened with Rohit.

Rohit is changing positively now. He is playing with numbers in maths and can read and write. Some qualities are developing within his mind like social skills, skillfulness and determination. Now he can make craft items because of guidance and motivation from school teachers. He also operates computer application tools. Rohit is enjoying learning so he regularly comes to school.

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