Monday, May 28, 2012


Balbhavan children are enjoying the summer vacations. Children gets some fun by playing games, watching movies, enjoyed trips and  learning computer. Hundreds of children joined the event of “KARU  YA  DHAMAL SUTTI  CHI.” This vocational camp is a great success.  In total, eight Balbhavans have taken part in this program and more than 45 staff and volunteers are involved in the camp.

In this program Sahara Balbhavan Sanjaynagar, Khushi Balbhavan Mukundnagar, Unnati Balbhavan Siddharthnagar, Kalpak Balbhavan Serjapura, Parees Balbhavan Ramwadi, Kshitij Balbhavan Ramwadi, Oorja Balbhavan Bhingar and Utkarsh Balbhavan Laltaki Ahmednagar had taken part with their Balbhavan children for six hours daily.

During the camp, children are taught how to keep their area clean, they take prayers of Balbhavan (i.e. “Ittne shakti ha me dena na data”), thought of the day, reading the newspapers, reading of Indian Pledge, exercise of Yoga, reading of Dyaneshwar Pasayadan.  Manache Sholak of Ramdas Swami and various doctors, lawyers and psychologists attended the program and delivered their speeches on their respective fields and their successful stories of their lives - Dr. Suchit Tamboli, Dr. Anshu Mule and Gandhe sir. The guests described the activities of showing children their favorite movies, telling them successful moral stories, telling them to do one act play & group discussion, telling them to dance and sing, taking competition of various indoor games (i.e. drawing competition, hand-writing competition, Rangoli competition, and swimming) and outdoor games (i.e. cricket, volleyball, Kho-Kho, musical chairs, kabbadi, badminton, chess). All these activities are continuously run in all Balbhavans. This entire program is run with the aim of developing confidence in children.  Children are also performing a street play for de-addiction and for saving the girl child.

Cleanliness in slum:
As we know, slums are not always clean and if we tell the slum residents to clean it they will not even take the effort to clean their house - So how will they clean the slum area?! So the children are taking the initiatives to clean the slum and give example to the slum area people that we can clean the house and slum. On the very first day one of the untidy houses was selected and cleaning begun in the house so the woman was very sorry to see that so she started cleaning her house.  Due to this reason all the women of the slum houses started cleaning because they were afraid that if their house was untidy, Balbhavan children would come and start cleaning it.

Children were taken to Mula dam to view the dam and it was explained that our drinking water comes from this dam. So as they were made to sit in the train and sent to shirdi for darshan, Sai Sanstan gave children VIP treatment.  Children went for darshan from the VIP gate. This was a very happy moment in the life of these children. Children enjoyed the water park, as well. Children are now busy in preparing their skits, speeches and songs which are to be starting on Radio Nagar 90.4 from 22nd of May 2012 to 30th of May 2012.

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