Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Story of Suitcase

This story of a suitcase started 23 years ago.
Late Nemichandaji. Mishrilalji Abad was born and brought up in Nashik. He was a faithful Jain. He was doing a small trading business. Nemichandji used to earn only those things which are required for his basic needs. If anything he received remained extra at the end of the month, he immediately gave it to any needy person or Jeev seva. Basically he believed that utilizing money for temples, religious programmes, Pujas or for feeding well-off people for any reason is a crime against humanity and Almighty. He remained a bachelor throughout his life and helped & encouraged everyone in his family and society  for education, especially to  the girls.  Nemichandaji died 23 years ago when he had reached his fifties. Before his death he called his brothers and sisters. He told them that he wanted to keep nothing behind as everything he had was given by society. Nemichandaji  has handed over all his remaining  lifetime earnings to them kept in this suitcase. Nemichandaji told them to use it for the weaker in family or for themselves as the family gave him love and respect throughout life. He left a separate share for social purposes and died with left literally zero.

The bag was in the house of Abad family. The brothers and sisters were insisting each other to use the money. But  no  one touched it. Five years ago, the bag was handed over to Mrs. Nirmala Anupchand Sanchti. She is the younger sister of late Nemichandaji. Nirmalaji  and her family  run a Sari shop in Ahmednagar. Nilesh, Nirmalaji's son was a class and roommate of Adv. Shyam Asawa in a Maheshwari Hostel at  Ahmednagar. Shyam is a very active member of Snehalaya. Nirmalaji shared this story to Shyam and asked his guidance about what to do with this bag. Nirmalaji told Shyam that this lifetime earnings of a thorough religious person (Nemichandaji) must be utilized for   most favorite work of God. Shyam introduced them to Snehalaya. Today this bag was handed over to Snehalaya. Snehalaya has received total amount of rupees 39,563/- in a form of 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupees kept in this bag.

Nirmalaji told Snehalaya family, she has become free from  debt of her late brother today. She added that she has been released from stress since the death of Nemichandaji  as the money was utilized as her late brother exactly  wanted.

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