Friday, April 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony of 8th Oorja Balbhavan

Date: 26th Apr.2012

Balbhavan has celebrated a mega event - inauguration of “Oorja Balbhavan” in  Bhingar area of Ahmednagar city. The programme started at 11 AM.  The new Balbhavan was inaugurated by the auspicious hands of Hon. Mr. Ashok Kumaji Harnal, Director General Defense, in present of Hon. Harish Prasad (Director of Southern Command, Pune), Hon. Meenakshi Shaktawat (Chief Executive Officer, Ahmednagar Cantonment Board), Cantonment Board members and 200 children with their parents.

Mr. Milind Kulkarni, Secretary, Snehalaya introduced Balbhavan to  the  honorable guests. Hon. Ashok Kumarji Harnal told us that he was impressed by the information provided by Snehalya and Mrs. Minakshiji about the Balbhavan Movement and that he was excited to visit.  He also said that this is an unique initiative by Snehalaya and Contonment Board and that it will be an outstanding example for other Cantonment Boards.  

He further said that Contonment Board should make available pure drinking water, common toilets, street lights, and should also construct internal roads for Indiranagar slum. 

Balbhavan is working in 7 various slum areas of Ahmednagar city and providing educational support and health facility to more than 2000 students.  

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