Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fund Raising on the occasion of 3 Marriages at Snehalaya.

Marriage Ceremony at Snehalaya Generated Funs of Rs. .1,24,000.

On the auspicious occassion of 3 marriages at Snehalaya % social organisations generated  the funds of Rs.1,24,000.Some important organisations such as:
1)Maharogi Seva Samiti,Varora (Anandvan)
2)Arambh Balvidya -Niketan (kashti)
3) Sarthak Seva Sangh (Pune)
4) Vidhyarthi Sahayak Samiti (Shrigonda)
5)Anamprem (A'nagar)
All such organisations were included during the ceremony.Various dignitories from all over the Maharashtra,who are involved in Social life activities were present for the ceremony.Mrs.Vidyashri Purandare from Dyanprabhodini organisation, Pune initiated the marriage ceremony.All the 3 couples got married by having intercast marriage,which proved as socially unique activity & gave the witness of Snehalayas  social reformation efforts.
Mr Anil Gawade  is considered as a great supporting  personality of Snehalaya since 20 years,he got married to Kalpana Gangadhar Chauhan.Kalpana is working as PSI depending on her own competencies & abilities.
One of our Snehalayas daughter named as Sukanya got married to a trador named as Somnath Vaikar.Also one more daughter of Snehalaya named as Deepali Lande got married to Nilesh Shankar Chauhan.All the three couple insisted the guest & relatives to donate for all the above Social Organisations insted of offering some special gifts to them personally.

All the guest & relatives present for the marriage ceremony  was offered with some resource material containing the detail information about all the five social organisations.
Anil Gawade & Kalpana Chuahan (5/5/2015)