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Snehalaya launches a movement against corruption in the dept. of Women & Child-Welfare, Ahmednagar

  Ahmednagar 15 June:
 On Lok-nayak Anna Hazare’s   75th Birthday, Confederation 18 Non Government Organization’s organized mass-protest against corruption in women & child-welfare dept. which was total and emphatic.  ‘Self Torture; ‘Bribe-recovery’ and ‘Takka mukti’ (% Free) award of grant;  were the ways of protest. 44, children’s Home – Representative –Directors, NGO’s working for ‘child rights’ & ‘child line’s volunteers, as also Govt./ Non-Govt. children’s Home’s Ex-Students, together numbering 500, participated in the protest and ‘Satyagraha’ willfully and wholehearted.   
The notice of bribe recovery displayed at W.C.D office in Ahmednagar
All these running children home organization in ‘Ahmednagar district  took an oath not to give single paisa bribe to goverment officials henceforth, & were determined to spread the movement in adjoining districts also. Mouths stitched with black ribbons and thus observing ‘Silent Protesting’, all the ‘Bal Sevaks’ condemn themselves for keeping ‘Silence’ against the corruption, so long! 

Dr. Arun Ithape of ‘Priydarshini’ of Sangamner said that, “Most of officers and staff of the CWWD ask for 10 to 25% commission from the grant to be given, under threat of ‘Notice of Closure’, for paltry defaults or no defaults, again, grant of only Rs.950/- per child per month is too minuscule in today’s right cost of living, that too under the dark shadow of Bribe!”
Presenting the grievance to Dy. Collector Mr. Sadanand Jadhav.

Kishor Doke of Savata Maharaj Saunsta lambasted, “ these bribe mongers don’t mind children being ill-nourished , but insist for their commission!” Mangaltai  Zavare of Adarsh Grameen Mahil Mandal said, “In all 4700 + children take  shelter in 65 ‘Bal-Griha’ (4 Govt.) in Nagar Dist. Talking this into a/c , yearly 10% commission amounts to record high of rupees fifty three lakhs & fifty-eight thousand ! i.e 10% of (950x4700x12)= 53,58, 000/-
Dr.B.G.Funde of ‘Sanjeevani Sanstha’, other org. from Shirdi ,Shirampur, all endorsed the same view of brutal practice of CWWD officers/staff forcing the commission G5 sarcastically remarked, “Instead of children-welfare, we are forced to servce these officers, for taking “Good remarks from them!”

 Anil Gawade from ‘Snehalaya’ said  “ We are determined to bring back those Rs.3.60 cores looted  in last six years by these officials, by making children starve & will protest non-violently by ‘Dharana, Morcha & Satyagraha until children get their rightful dues! ”
Senior Bal-Sevika Saroj Chandekar demanded grant of Rs.3000/- p.m. per child & also to bring non-govt. staff (Balsevika) on and at per with government scales per month; or else NGO should need to lock the child shelter homes. 

Book written by Aamir Shaikh, on this issue, titled ‘ Band Eka Sanyashache ’(Revolt of a Monk), was published & released  on this day. After the protest in Wadia Park, near statue of Mahatma Gandhi, all the protestors proceeded towards CWWD office in a silent Morcha. A Statement of bribe/commission/gifts/free lunches, enjoied by officers was presented, giving organization (Balgruhas) vise details! This was followed by Satyagriha; only the first of its kind in India, asking for Bribes-recovery! (From Government Officials).

Honourable (HBP) Shri. Baburao Rambhau Giri Maharaj had made an Affidavit disclosing corruption in CWWD . The District Collector was requested to take appropriate action on concerned officials, on the basis of the Affidavit presented and filed.
Dialogue with Mr. Harish Rathod- Dy. Commissioner of W.C.D.

Shri.Harish Rathod, commissioner of CWWD from Nashik, then visited the Satyagrahis & noted their grievances.  The ‘Satyagriha’ is being considered seriously on secretory and Commissioner-level & provoke in Nagar is noted, and soon a drastic action is now expected from the Government. Assuring this  Shri. Rathod requested Satyagrahis to withhold protest, strikes, morcha, till one month!
The Satyagrahis accepted the same, in order!

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