Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snehalaya’s Karate Champ!

On 10th March, the Pune Muncipal Corporation, jointly with the Pune District Karate Association, organized a function in Pune. The Pune Mayor Trophy 2012-2013 and a gold medal was awarded to Snehalaya’s 13-year old daughter Ms.Varsha Parode, for emerging victorious in the 40 Kg.+ weight class of the Pune District Women’s Karate Tournament!

Varsha has more reasons to be proud of. It's unbelievable, but true, that Varsha hasn’t undergone any formal martial arts training. She practiced endlessly with sheer grit and determination to improve her techniques and to hone her amazing skills. She really deserves being honored with this gold medal for her awe-inspiring performance.

Varsha, who is growing up in Snehalaya, studies in the 7th standard of Rupibai Motilal New English School in Ahmednagar. The school gives free admission to 20 Snehalaya girls every year.

The school Principal Ms.Mavchi, the Asst. Principal Mr.Thorat, the teachers Anjali Devkar, Chhayatai Firodia, along with Snehalaya’s President Mr.Suvalal Shinghavi, Executive President Mr.Sanjay Gugale, Secretary Mr.Rajiv Gujar, Hon. Director Dr. Girish Kulkarni, Asst. Director Ambadas Chavan and other senior staff-members including Anil Gawade, Sharad Jadav, Samadhan Dhalgude, Sunil More, Pramila Ubale, all expressed their hearty congratulations to the beaming Varsha. Snehalaya’s daughters continue to win laurels in so many fields and inspire others to do so. Keep it up, girls! We’re so very proud of you.


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