Tuesday, February 19, 2013


16th February, 2013 was another day of rejoicing at Snehalaya. An eventful day of traditional festivities, when three more daughters of the Snehalaya family tied the knot to begin a new married life. Ms.Puja Deshmukh with Mr.Vishal Shinde, Ms.Swati Devrukhkar with Mr.Nilesh Kasava, and Ms.Puja Kelkar with Mr.Ravindra Gite. All the lucky bridegrooms are professionals from respectable families.
It was indeed a unique marriage with a difference, due to the fact that all the three lovely brides had spent their entire tender childhood moving through  teenage to adulthood within Snehalaya. Growing up with confidence by knowing for sure, that the love & support of Snehalaya family would also ensure their beginning a new life with multiple new roles including that of being a dutiful wife, a devoted daughter-in-law, a loving mother and a responsible citizen.
Snehalaya’s SNEHADHAR project continues to be highly successful in implementing  rehabilitation by marriage. Those interested in marriage with the daughters of Snehalaya are welcome to contact Snehalaya’s marriage counselor on cell no. 91-9011020176.


  1. Wish the lovely couples a great life ahead. May Snehalaya continue to light up the lives of millions of more :)

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