Monday, March 5, 2012

Mahila Shibir Held in Shrirampur Red Light Area

24.02.2012 :

Today a small programme for prostitute women was organized in Snehalaya’s Shrirampur office. The main purpose behind this programme was to introduce the various government schemes and programmes for improving the lives of prostitute women. Shrirampur Taluka area officer Mr. Suhas Mapari was chief person of this programme.

On this occasion present were all executives, officers and employees, mainly including Shrirampur Taluka Tahsildar Mr. Anil Pure, Deputy Tahsildar Mr. Kulathe, Health Officer Dr. Kawade, Circle officer Mr. Shinde,  Supply Department officer, employee of Sanjay Gandhi scheme Mr. Navale, Shravanbal scheme, Indira Gandhi scheme, Municipality office, Setu office with forms and applications. On this programme Suhasji specked with prostitute women on various issues and problems they face and also he had given some guidance. He also gave the work instruction to related staff for giving service and help to women. Henceforth all paper and forms are being available in Snehalaya office and here also called to Setu staff for computer literature.

Up to 5th March all the necessary services and facilities will reach out to every prostitute woman. Suhasji also gave instruction to staff for giving all types of certificates to women from Snehalaya office. The expenses like for photos and stationery will be contributed from corporate Mr. Anjumbhai Shaikh. Mr. Shyam Adangale was also present for this programme. Present cooperators gave assurance that in the near future the Gharkul scheme will begin and also will give information and guidance as well from government.    

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