Friday, March 23, 2012

Bond Created for Strong & United India

Millions sacrificed everything including  their lives during the freedom struggle to free  India from the clutches of foreign rule. But during the last 60+ years of Independence, we have failed to fulfil our dreams. Still there is hope of rejuvenation which we have seen recently in National Integration Youth Camp held near the historic fort of Ahmednagar. The seven-day camp was guided & planned by Dr.S. N. Subbarao, Freedom Fighter & Founder of National Youth Project & Social Crusader Lokanayak Anna Hazare. As an organizer, Snehalaya was instrumental in making the camp  successful. The camp succeeded in motivating youth at the individual level to do constructive work for making India a powerful country.

About 400 young boys & girls from 23 different states participated in the camp & worked for unity of  minds at different sensitive places in Ahmednagar district. They developed a garden for slum people through daily project work. They exchanged their views, languages, & culture. The camp created a lot of awareness about various social problems & sensitised the youths. The cultural program revealed unity in diversity. At the end, campers pledged to work throughout their life  for a powerful & strong India. The slogan Bharat Jodo in different languages filled the inspiring atmosphere and charged everyone there.

All the participants, including those having the habit of luxurious life-styles, learnt to do all the work themselves including washing of clothes, cleaning toilets, etc. The first day of the camp was marked by inspiration given by Loknayak Anna Hazare & most popular Police Officer Shri Krishna Prakash. The gist of their message was, "Bring about the change in yourself first & our country will change. Purity in thought, behaviour, character & preparedness in sacrificing for others are the basic needs to serve the nation & the fellowmen. 'My life is to serve' should be our motto," said Anna Hazare. Shri Krishna Prakash, District Superintendent of Police, also in his speech cited many examples from history & inspired the youth. His speech was not only words but it was accompanied by its implementation in his own career. He was always greeted by the slogan 'Singham, Singham.'

The territory of the camp was not limited to just one place but it was organized at different sensitive places like Sangamner, Mukundnagar , Newasa, the holy land of Saint Dnyaneshwar & at  Jamkhed where unfortunately two religious communities were living in a tense atmosphere & Emarat Company.  A grand peace march was carried out in the city & was greeted spontaneously by the citizens. The followers of peace met each other with great love and affection. The march concluded with All Religion Prayer & cultural programs at public places. "Real religion is to offer love to all in the world" was the main message of the All Religion Prayer. The cultural program performed by campers on the theme of national integration showed the unity in diversity of India. Each day of camp ended with the special cultural program based on 18 languages titled 'Bharat Ki Santan.'

The participants visited the model villages Hiware Bazar & Ralegan Sidhhi which have set examples of how youth can bring about change in rural India.  On the last but one day of the camp, youth participants visited Snehalaya, Historic Land Fort of Ahmednagar & world’s second largest Tank Museum. The land fort of Ahmednagar has special significance. When the Quit India Movement was at its peak, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India, Sardar Patel & 12 other national leaders were detained here for 3 years from 1942-1945, where India’s first Prime Minister wrote the world famous book 'Discovery of India.' The youth were also inspired by the work of Snehalaya for the people at the grassroots level & HIV affected persons.

The seven-day camp created a bond of friendship among the participants from all over India. The youths are now ready for the second freedom struggle but it’s now against corruption, injustice, exploitation, discrimination and all other types of odds. You are requested to extend your helping hand & support this nation-building & humanitarian work.

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