Sunday, April 17, 2011

Municipality renders victim sex workers homeless. Snehalaya fights back

The local leader of Sainathnagar was running a brothel on the land that belongs to Zilha Parishad (Govt. land) for the last  25 years.

When the opposition party raised the issue in the assembly, Kopargaon Municipal council abruptly destroyed 150 huts at the Sainath Nagar red light area.

Around 250 women sex workers became homeless overnight and they lost every small thing they had possessed. The Municipal Council did even deem it necessary to give any pre-intimation about the Action. 

It is a mockery of government machinery that allows illegal constructions of land barons and political bigwigs go unnoticed, but the small huts of poor victim women are demolished without providing a notice, let alone alternative place to stay. This when they have been exploited for years by the politicians themselves.

The representatives of the women discussed the issue with the District Collector, Dr. P. Anbalagan. He was requested to provide the other options for living e.g. vocational training, microfinance to Self Help Groups etc.   Smt. Meenatai Shinde demanded the housing scheme for prostitutes. The collector has given some assurance to take positive action.    

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