Monday, February 28, 2011

Snehankur declares Chikhali village "Free from Female infanticide"

The Chikhali village in Shrigonde tehsil has been declared free from Female infanticide after the " Save the Girl child Mission " initiated by Snehankur Adoption centre.
This Well irrigated and prosperous Shrigonde Tehsil has a bad reputation for increasing female infanticide. The girl to boy ratio has declined to 780 females against 1000 males despite the efforts by the government.

Our Snehankur team (Mrs.Prajakta Kulkarni, Mrs.Sarika Temghare, Mr. Ajay Wable ,Dr.Suhas Ghule)  designed a program to promote 'Female infanticide Free Villege ' and save the girl child. We launched this program in Chikhali villege located in Shrigonde tehsil of Ahmednagar district on 25 th Feb 2011.  We involved the Gram Panchayat and organised a day long programme in the village.

The formal inaguration ceremony took place in Rameshwar Temple. Female  members of self help groups,  Private doctors, Nurses in Primary health centre, Female employees of Asha scheme and members of gram panchayat were assembled.
Through Film shows, slide presentations, talk shows and dialogues,  our team sensitised the audience about female infanticide and the huge social problems associated with it. We also brought it to their notice that laws-police and the Government have limitations in solving this issue and hence their complete support is required for the cause.

A pocket size literature was distributed to each villager. They were appealed to not kill a girlchild and were educated about 'organised social interventions ' in the such cases. In case of unavoidable circumstances, people can legally handover/relinquish  the girl child to Snehankur Adoption Centre instead of going through illegal abortions and killings.
On this note, Snehankur team shared a data of rehabilitated girl children  and rehabilitated unwed mothers till date.

We received a very positive response from the villagers. They have taken a joint pledge to act unitedly on the issue and in keeping the villege free from female infanticide. 

There are 1570 gram panchayats in Nagar district. Our Snehankur team is planning a 3 days training programme in month of May with the support of interested youth volunteers in these14 tehsils.
These volunteers will attend the Gram Sabhas of the villages in their tehsil and sensitise the grass roots about the social problems associated with female infanticide.

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