Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our New Ambulance to the rescue of a girl child

Snehankur adoption centre frequently receives calls for rescue of children in danger. In the remote parts our district and at odd times, medical facilites are hard to find. For the last eight years, this team which had only an old vehicle for rescue, and always wanted an ambulance.

For lack of funds, we were not able to provide this facility for the team - till two days ago. We purchased an Ambulance on 'credit', and were hoping to inaugurate it over the weekend. 

Last night, at 11.30 PM, Snehankur got an anonymous call from Shirdi, 85 km away. The caller informed  about an abandoned girl child. It takes 2 hours to reach the place. Our local volunteers at  picked up the child from outskirts of Shirdi. The girl child was facing suffocation and many other .
The Snehankur team reached the spot at 1.30 am. The child urgently needed oxygen. Fortunately this was   available in our ambulance. The life of a girl  child was saved by our new ambulance

The girl child has been named 'Sohini' and the the Child Welfare committee ordered to admit Sohini to Snehankur centre.

We still need to repay the loan we took to purchase the ambulance. But Sohini's improved health, thanks to the effort of Dr. Jaydeep Deshmukh our pediatrician, has given a great boost to the team at Snehankur.

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