Monday, October 11, 2010

Snehalaya' Himmat Gram project for rehabilitation of victim women. Police chief supports the cause.

Ahmednagar, 1st Oct. 2010,

Mr. Krushna prakash , 
District police chief, Ahmednagar
"The Police will not allow the brothels, will take strong actions against the brothel keepers, pints, procurers and on clients in case of minor victim under the PITA (prevention of immoral trafficking) act. We would like to support the unique initiatives of Snehalaya for the Rehabilitation and empowerment of victim women", said Mr. Krishna Prakash, the District Police Chief of Ahmednagar.
Mr. Krushna Prakash  
Planting a tree at Himmat gram
Mr. Krishna Prakash was addressing a huge gathering of victim women in red light areas of Ahmednagar district. More than 400 women were present from all parts of Ahmednagar district. These women have raised issues of their survival as all the red light areas are closed since 3 months following 30 police raids on brothels. For the first time in the district, the Police have used PITA act against the brothel keepers than against victim women. This is dramatic change in the attitude of police in addressing the issue. 

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Commercial sex workers have complained that no concrete steps were taken by the government for their rehabilitation till this date. All women have unanimously agreed to give up prostitution if they support by their shelter and jobs. Smt. Jaya Jogdand said that politicians, bureaucrats and sugar baron have ammassed thousands of acres of land in the district but the exploited women have no place to live.  The women  and Snehalaya have submitted more than 3 dozan proposals for the land. The Smt. Meena shined, Gaeta More, Suita Unawake also expressed similar feelings.

Snehalaya along with this women have submitted several applications to government. To start the process of rehabilitation Snehalaya has given 2 pieces  of land (of 1000 sq. feet each) to 2 victim women in prostitution to create the new life  in the project Himmat Gram.  Along with shelter, the women will be provided free treatment for de-addition, water, electricity, and ration till they find an employment .  Snehalaya has decided to share 2 acres of owned land among 80 women. For the first time the NGO is taking the direct action and to shift the women from red-light areas to normal human life by assuring a right over land.   Snehalaya is hopeful about the experiment.  Himmatgram project will created a developed self sustained village  with  it's own work in Agriculture, Horticulture, Dairy, Nursery Unit, pipeline from water storage tank. Snehalaya needs financial recourses to shoulder this challenge.


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