Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dedicated to the Kids at Snehalaya LET’ REFUSE- CHILD ABUSE!

As we all sit comfortably here today,

Children of our age are toiling their childhood away.

Oppressed children are forced into unforgiving labour,

Their masters are abusive and unkind.

The fruits of their work, we all savour,

But they get lifelong bruises on their mind.

There is nobody to wipe their tears,

Nobody to hear them scream.

They are consumed by their fears,

And happiness is just a distant dream.

The parents are sometimes the monsters,

Craving for money when they grow old.

Brothers lose their sisters,

As for money, they are shamelessly sold.

They suffer more than their minds can take,

They carry more than their hands can bear.

No one does anything for their sake,

As no one really does care.

A happy childhood, they too deserve,

For them, we all must fight.

We need to oppose the masters that they serve,

And give them a future promising and bright!

                                               By Rohan Jain

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