Monday, September 15, 2014

Appeal for Humanity

Dear Supporter,
Greetings from Snehalaya family!

As you know and aware about the constructive work of Snehalaya within the society on various social issues. Snehalaya is currently working through 14 separate project units, each having a separate and distinct identity and object and separately control cost center.  

We are listing Snehalaya at various National and Global forums like Give India, Global Giving, Indian NGOs etc. We are participate in 6th India Giving Challenge 2014 started by GiveIndia, this online campaign is started on 9th September and will end on 30th October. We set Rs. 2,45,000 as a target for the period.  Please visit the online giving page for more information. There are also having special Matching Grant offers for NGOs but minimum 100 donors have to donate through this challenge. Please donate through iGive and also spared the message among your friends, relatives and colleagues. 

Thanks with warm regards,
Ambadas Chauhan
P.S. For those who wish to know about the prizes, please click on the link


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  2. IOT-based predictive maintenance is a crucial advancement in technology, but let's not forget the importance of supporting organizations like Snehalaya that are making a positive impact on society. Together, we can create a better world, both through iot based predictive maintenance innovations and compassionate efforts to uplift those in need.